What size of tire for Muni ?

ALright I wanna get my self a muni so Im wondering between 24 and 26 I was wondering what you guys suggest ? Im think aobut big offroad with drops and stuff .

24in Is good but If your over 6’5" I’ed say 26in

thanks alot for the answer

Depends on terrain…

Outrageous ups and downs: 24

Good ups and downs but also some Crosscountry: 26

Some ups and downs and plenty of XC: 29

Not many ups and downs and mostly XC: 29 or Coker

Each of these machines could be used for their version of “MUni”.

Size TIRE? 3" wide. :slight_smile: But you mean wheel size…

It depends on riding style/terrain. 24" if you want more technical muni, some trials, drops, all that. 26" for longer rides, riding faster, etc. Also 26" hits bumps easier.

I would say 24" in most cases.

Wich muni are you thinking about?

(MM beat me:) )

In case those asking were not aware, there’s a big difference between 24" and 24". I think it safe to say that most of the people here recommending 24" for MUni are talking about the fat kind. That means a wide 24" rim, and a tire that’s about 26" in diameter.

A “regular” 24" tire is only about 24" in diameter (oddly enough), and goes on a more typical size rim. These are the less-expensive and everyday or Freestyle-oriented 24" unicycles.

So for MUni I recommend you get either a fat 24", or something bigger as suggested in an earlier post. The 26" Gazzalodis are pretty heavy, for example, which is a drawback in hopping and uphill riding, for example.

Yeah, good point.

I would really recommend a 24x3 muni.

well Im thinking of a 24x3’’ tire because Ima Muni with drops and trials and technical stuff tahnks for all your answers !