What size is a pedal nut?

Specifically, the nut found just inside the end cap, on set of KHE Stimulatorz pedals. Anyone know?

I just bought a set of these and found that there is play in the left pedal. I’ve been told that the nut needs tightening, but I don’t have the right size spanner (or socket) and need to know what to buy.

Also, is this nut the same size on all pedals, or does it vary? If it varies, does anyone know the size of the nut for SNAFU and Shimano DX pedals, because I’ll probably be needing a tool for these in the near future too.

Cheers in advance, Liam

The size varies from pedal to pedal. It also varies between metric and imperial sizes for different pedals. I don’t know the size. I just try different sockets till I find one that fits. I have both metric and imperial sockets.

When getting sockets you should look for thin walled sockets. Cheap sockets, and fancy 12 point sockets, tend to be thicker. The extra thickness may mean that it won’t fit in the pedal even though it’s the right size for the nut.

how did you get the end cap off? any suggestion on how to do it without causing too much damage?

one of my khe pedals has also developed some play along with an unnerving “sproing” sound on each rotation. it goes away if i put very little weight on my pedals. do you think it might just need tightening?


Hey Liam, I’m not sure what the exact size of the nut is, but might I suggest a kit like a B&Q Starter Kit? I have one of these (the previous model, in the grey case), and the sockets are wide ranged and of good quality in both metric & imperial. The spanners are a bit hit & miss (my 15mm has snapped, but my 10mm has held up to a lot of abuse) and the rest of the tools are really useful, especially the bit sets, which allow you to take a full set of allen keys and an ADP so you can use sockets on a ride without taking tons of tools. Just a suggestion, and not a bad price, I’ve got more than £20 of use from mine. There’s a nice, zoomable high-res image here, so you can read which sizes and tools are included.

the nuts on my snafu pedals are 12mm
tightning them up is easy, I have just taken both my pedals apart cleaned them up, packed them with some good quality waterproof polly grease and put them back together because they got wet and the grease turned to emulsion (if you are taking your pedals apart DO NOT do it on gravel, chances are you will loose alot of berrings that way, do them on carpet is probably best)

I just used a sharp pointy knife, slid it down the side and popped them off.
my pedals did the same after I went riding in the rain so I have re greased mine with a good quaility molly grease, you may just need to tighten them but I would check your grease as well, if it looks like an umulsion replace it. when you tighten your pedals you will have to take off the small nut then there will be a washer and another nut with the inner race, that second (bigger) nut only needs to just be touching the berrings DO NOT DO IT UP TIGHT just keep trying it untill there is no play in it when the smaller nut it tight but it still spins nicly. if you do it up to tight you will pit your race and cause dammage. I think it is more important for them to be well greased with a good grease and not to be over tightened than for them to have no movement in them.

wow, was that ever some fiddly crap! :wink:

if i had some kind of tool that could hold the larger nut in place and stop it from further tightening as i put on the smaller nut, it would have been a lot easier than the trial-and-error method i resorted to.


Always buy a whole set at once

You can’t have any fun without basic tools. Here in the states, Sears craftsman are often on sale.
If you buy the tools one at a time, it will cost 3 times as much as just buying the whole set.
I spray paint my metric ones that are common size. Red- 8 mm yellow ten, the same for the sockets. This saves lot’s of time cause my eyes can’t read the little silver print anymore. :sunglasses:

i have access to plenty of basic tools. i’m just not sure what tool would really have been able to do what i needed. the obvious thought would be a socket, but with the socket holding the rear nut, you can’t tighten the one in front. i ended up holding the rear nut with a pair of longnose pliers, while tightening the locking nut with another pair of pliers.

actually after riding it briefly, the problem has returned, so that wasn’t very successful. i wonder if something more serious has gone wrong beyond mere loosening.