What size for mountain riding?

I am ready to finally purchase my first mountain unicycle.
Should I get a 24" or a 26"?
I live in Santa Barbara where the terrain is mainly steep and rocky.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Any specific brand / model recommendations would be cool too.

Thanks in advance

Re: What size for mountain riding?

If it’s steep and rocky, I’d go with the 24x3.

To save you some confusion, that’s a 26" wheel also. The big fat (3") tires add so much diameter to a rim, they come out to basically 26". So you can use the Gazzalodi or similar (my favorite), or another unicycle with 26" wheel.

Having ridden in SB with some of the regulars there, I’d say go with the 24x3 GAZZ.

SB has some of the best riding in So. Cal.

Re: What size for mountain riding?

If you have strong knees that can take lots of downhill, try this one:

If you’re knees are weaker, try the same model but with brake.


But do yourself a favor…if you go for the brake model, buy it with the Alex rim instead of the Sun.

Disclaimer: I’m a Hunter Fan…others may have different opinions.

Very crude rules of thumb:

For uneven ground, big wheel = good.
For steep slopes, small wheel = good.
For rough ground and drops, fat tyre = good.

So if you’re going to do lots of steep stuff, I’d go for a small wheel with a fat tyre, which would be a 24 with a 3 inch tyre.

So, if I’m uneven, rough, and fat, that’s good, right?

…and don’t forget about crank length as you’re thinking about wheel size (just as important; I think)…