What size did you learn on? A poll

I’ve never heard anyone mention that they first learned to ride on a larger unicycle (29+). I’d like to see what most of us first experienced and see for myself.

What size wheel did you first learn on. What age were you (or height if you want to add that.)

Me? I learned on a 24" when I was thirteen. I don’t know how tall I was.


14 years old

trials (20X2.5)

20 years old

about 5’11


16 y/o

about 6’

On a 24" when I was 22 and 6’ 3


I was 14 or 15 years old.

24" (ancient Schwinn) when I was about 14, probably mid to high 5’ range.


I learned on a 20" at 46 years old. I’m 5’ 8".

Almost same here except I learned at age 10, so like 41 years ago! I progressed to the point of riding down stairs, spinning in a circle, picking up coins while riding, and riding backwards. Then stopped about 1970, (after about 4 years of off/on riding) starting again 12/05, but unlike riding a bike, I pretty much had to re-learn everything! :slight_smile:

20", aged 22. Only been riding since Christmas! I’ve moved up to a 26" now.


Age 18

Height: 6’2"

20" CX (ouch).
13 years old, 4’10"

24" Qu-Ax… belonged to friend. Was 19.




24" Nimbus muni

Age 53; started Christmas 2006


I learned on a 20" as well. I made it as far as going about 25 yards when I was 15 then picked it up again when I was around 23, again on a 20".

My girlfriend is now learning on my 26" and is making good progress…she can go about 6 pedals and is improving. I think it must be more difficult on the bigger wheel.

Used 24" schwinn when I was 12…

Learned at 14 years of age, I think. On a 20" in wheel.

Back then, I rode for 10 miles to a friend’s house a few times. The seat was so uncomfortable that I learned to ride seat in front, just to get off the seat. I don’t remember much if any comments when I rode around town those days.

Presently, I can not do seat in front since I started riding again, for a couple years. But I can hop, backward, and idle, which I could not do then.

24" uni and I was 5’ 7" at age 17.