what size cranks?

ok im about to buy a hubset, and i need to know a good crank size. 125 mm sounds good but i dont know. need ur comments.

How are we supposed to know??? What type of unicycleing do u do!!! do u want speed or control??? and i think this will tell u everything u need to know. http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/search.php

oops made a mistake

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There’s lots of good advice (98.6% of it from me) in this forum if you search.

It depends on wheel size, tyre section, experience, ability, terrain, style…

But 125 is a reasonablle all round size for a competent rider on most wheel sizes for anythign except very high speed or extreme muni.

well i did my search and im going with the 140’s. yep, and a KOXX-1 hubset.