what size cranks for a 20" trials???


Oh I see thanks a lot, I didn’t understand first time. I’ll email unicycle.com to ask them if the new hub will fit. Ta.

Do the spokes get knackered eventually?


Nah, spokes aren’t much of a problem.

You might break one occasinaly, but they’re easy to replace.

Cool, thats a relief.

Does anyone know if the KH splined crankset fits onto the Alex DX32 rim?

KH crankset

Alex Rim


Yes it will. That is the older generation KH hub and when those were sold, they were laced to the alex dx-32.


Cool! Is it strong even though it’s the old version?

yes, its fairly strong. but not as strong as the new generation KH crankset.

but its also alot heavier

For a extra 15$ you can get the koxx ISIS hub/crankset, its way better they the kh 03/04 and most people will disagree but i think its better that the kh/onza hub/cranks. It’s really light weight, it has no q-factor wich i think is better for street and it comes in 110, 125 and 140.

PS. The 127 cranks that your talking about are actually Qu-ax brand made to fit the KH

“The 127 cranks that your talking about are actually Qu-ax brand made to fit the KH”

that explains a lot! In the picture on unicycle.uk.com the cranks have the Qu-ax logo on! That’s a bit cheeky!

Thanks Luke, I’m going to definately consider the Koxx crankset now, I really want 127mm cranks but the KH/Onza set is £115! Ouch!