what size cranks for a 20" trials???

i need some new cranks as i think my 150mm are too long now, i have been riding about 5 months and i see my self as an intermediated if that helps?
thanks for any advice

Most trail unicycles have 140mm cracks on them.
I ride with 140mm realy like them.

140 or 125 depending on preferences and basically trials vs street. most street guys like 125s for more speed.

most street guys WOULD prefer 125s… maybe… but the reality is that when it comes to any somewhat sturdy cranks… by this I mean splined, you won’t be able to get them in any other sies then 145.

And besides, 145 is what you need for trials. More torque. You deffinatly want to get some 145s

The KH/Onza, Qu-ax, koxx, and torker dx(?) all come in 125 or 127 and they are splined. Long cranks might be nice for trials but on my trials uni I switched from 140 to 127s and I like it alot more.


That’s crazy. I would love to try them… I could’ve sworn they didn’t.

Yeah Torker has 127’s.

I do trials and street. The 145’s on my Qu-Ax are too long, and 127’s are too short. I would really really like somewere in between, like 135’s or somthing…

yup that’s right, id go with the 127’s

Yeah, you can even get koxx splined cranks in 110mm if you want.

What hub do you have?

That depends a lot on your size choices.

i have a cotterless hub, and i dont know what make, its just the one that came with the uni.

Oh, well if its cotterless you have a huge selection of cranks. ClickHere

It’s Unicycle.com. I think any of those will fit.

i have been told that cotterless hubs/cranks are not very strong is this trye and what are the strongest cltterless cranks?
thanks ollie
p.s litldude2 check your pm’s

it won’t let me edit my last post but it was meant to say “is this true” and “cotterless”

Cotterless are not very strong and some people here will only ever recommend splinded hup and cranks. But, i have a nimbus trials and that has a cotterless hub and cranks and it is fine. I have done 1.2m drops with 40cm outs and they have been fine.


Yes it’s very true. even the highest grade cottorless are nothing compared to a splined crank. Trust me I bent about three cranks before I switched to splined, and these things are bombproof.

Hi Guys! I want to buy the KH splined crankset but it only comes with 140mm cranks. If I just buy the KH hub and get 127mm KH cranks aswell, will that include everything I need to replace the old crankset?

I hope I’m making sense :confused:

You will need new spokes too.


Doesn’t the KH Hub have 36 holes? The rim I am riding on has 36 holes aswel? Is this a problem?

If you are keeping the existing rim and changing the hubs then the the hubs will probably have different dimensions so you will need different lenghth spokes to fit it. I have also read that it’s not a good idea to reuse spokes.