What size cranks do you like for commuting?

I’ve been riding a Torker LX 24" for about 3 months now. Absolutely love it, but it’s too slow for my commuting and paved bike trail riding tastes, so I just bought a cheap 29" UDC trainer (don’t have the $700 for what I really want right now, so I compromised). I also bought some cheap 110 and 137 cranks, and I’m going to play with all three to see which I like the best on this guy.

Which got me thinking about the same on the 24, and now I’m wondering which combinations I’m going to try, and in what order.

So, I know you’re all loathe to dole out advice… who’s going to be first? :wink:

Right now (and this will change in September) I’m riding a fairly level, slightly hilly 1.25 miles in the AM on lightly traveled suburban streets; then after a half hour train ride, another mile-ish miles on city streets in Philly. On the way back, it’s different: the reverse of my downtown ride is followed by a different 1-mile all uphill battle to get home, on moderately traveled suburban streets.

– UniT

I would say use the 110’s on the 29" on everything then switch to the 137’s for the tough uphill.

A good climber on pavement should do ok with 90s on a 29er up to 20% up. A long 20% down on 90s might spook you unless you have a brake.

I think you need a 36er

Well, DUH OF COURSE I DO :slight_smile:

As soon as my money tree bears fruit, I’ll be taking care of that problem. I keep watering it but…

Thanks hunterthompson and bungeejoe, I’ll throw the 110s on the 29er first.

If this is your first 29" and you’re coming from a 24" with longer cranks then you may want/need to start with the 137mm cranks to get the feel of the wheel. When you feel like the 137mm cranks might be slowing you down, make the switch to the 110s.

I’ve been commuting on a 36er for a few years now and have been riding 36er for almost 13 years. I ride 125s. Some people say you lose maneuverability and climbing ability but it all depends on what you get use to. Good luck and stay safe out there.

Thanks davidp and BigWheelTex.

I put the 110s on this morning and rode for 15-ish minutes. I see exactly what davidp’s talking about; I’m planning to swap in the 137s and give it another try later. I felt like the bear on the teeny tricycle. I could mount and ride it, but I don’t know that I’m ready to ride the 110s up or down any serious hills.

And really? someone rides 90s on their 29"? :open_mouth:

I do on a 29 riding pavement. I climb mountain passes on a 36 with 110s.

You, sir, are SICK. (I may also be afflicted.)

I pulled the 110s and put on the 137s and it’s feeling really good. I suspect once I get used to the smaller circles I’ll put on the 110s again, and maybe don a tutu to complete the “big circus bear on tiny tricycle” scene that’s now stuck in my head, courtesy of my 7-year-old and Madagascar 3.