What shud i be learning now?

Rite at the mo i can ride forwards backwards hop forever hop 4 foot gaps ride sif do 180’s and jump about 2 foot but now im stuck of things to learn any ideas?? thanks:)

to type?

nah i’m just kidding.

How about wheel walking, 1 ft wheel walking or gliding?

wheelwalking -> 1ft ww -> gliding

damn you beat me. how!?

it’s because i was watching this (the big bang-by peter griffin)

but yeah, ww>1ftww>gliding would be the most fun, IMO

Learn to ride with one foot, it’s really cool looking if you stick the foot you’re not
using in front of the unicycle. That’s a trick my friends don’t make fun of;)

oh snap… that was harsh

i think im gunnu try that

how about : ‘‘not making dumb thread about what to learn now’’

hey man leave him alone he just wants some friendly advice. if you dont like his thread then why did you post in it? i think its a good thread idea because then in the future other people with the same problem can find this and get the same answers.

Not a lot of people know how to gap, hop forever and 180’s when they ask that question.


great flashy trick that ain’t that hard to do