What Should the tire look like....

Ok heres my question,

what should the tire look like when i preload the tire and hop…

Like say i’m hopping up onto a bench when i load up the tire and spring upward when i look down i can see the tire wrinkling from the low preasure. but when i ride the tire doesn’t show any signs of being under inflated.

This is on a Maxxis Creepy Crawler that came on my 05 KH20 that i picked up a couple weeks ago.
Does any one have pictures of what the tire should look like when you preload? I don;t think tire preasure should be mentioned cause we all weigh different…but i weigh about 145-150 if that means anything.

Also another unrelated thing…when i am hopping i will hear a click, and then it goes away…then i will let the pedals go a full rotation then hop again and then it will click again when i hop. But it only clicks once…but after i ride a little and hop again it will click once. I’m not sure if this is a loose spoke, or crank related, or pedal related…theres no reflectors on the pedals so it can’t be that… So that has me a little confused.


Sounds like your description of what’s happening during compression is bang on. The actuall pressure, and what the tire looks like during both riding and hopping depends on your preference for a harder or softer tire. Weight is a factor also.

As to the click, what type of cranks do you have? They might just be loose enough to move a bit, and only clicks once because you are pushing in one direction during hopping. When you ride, you put some force in the opposit direction, pushing the crank back, making it click the next time you hop. This is just a guess, clicks can come from a variety of place.

yeah, well i have been reading up, and it seems tire presure is all at the riders decision…no one seems to agree LOL…i’ll try different stuff and be prepared to break somthing and find whats best for me :slight_smile:

As for the cranks, yeah what you described is what i think it happening too…i need to check the cranks to see if they are tight, hopefully someone around my college has an allen wrench set. thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: Oh, as for what cranks they are…they are the KH Onza cranks (127mm)

Dont Ride Tighten Your Cranks Up

the clicking could be spokes… but its a pain to check … you have to go to every place the spokes cross and sqeeze the spokes together so that they move, but make sure you don’t bend the spokes and don’t tighten the spokes unless you know what youre doing … take it to a bike shop

and if it is the cranks listen to dan de man and tighten them before you ride again … get yourself some allen wrenches

the same thing happends to my kh/onza hub 140mm, if i do jump on it then rotate wheel 180 then jump on it again it makes a click…
I have the EXACT same thing, i tryied tighting my cranks and nothing happened, and i am 97% sure it isnt the spokes. i want to know how to solve this too, mine have been doing this since i got them which was about 1 month ago.

i’ve done my research…and there is a thread in the Product reviews section thats from about 2 months ago…it seems most everyone has the click problem…

it real weird…crappy. I’m gonna take my cranks off, clean, and regrease and see if that does anything…but from what i have read it won’t and the sound will just return. maybe i will take it by UDC when i go home, they are about 20 minutes away from me, i’ll see what they have to say. I think i’m gonna just end up living with it.


is it only the kh/onza ones?? or is it all splined hubs??

seems to be only the KH onza hubs and cranks…my thoughts on it is that the tolerance between the spins on the cranks and the axle are different which allow a sligth amount of movement that create the click…you ack enough grease in there and it will eliminate the room the crank has to move… but this is just a theory i have yet to get in there and measure the splines with calipers…


The crank click basicly comes hand in hand with splined cranks. If it annoys you, get some anti-seize from your local automotive supplier, and spread it on the splines. It usually takes care of the click.

thanks for the response…i will see how that helps the problem. When i went to walmart tonight for a simple function calc (damn accounting prof is making us use one for the final and all i have is a ti-89) i tried to buy some allen wrenchs but it seems walmarts tool section is very limited…i will go to Home Depot tomorrow. I wish i was home where i have a full set of allen wrenchs… oh well i don’t see it costing more than 10 bucks for a decent set of metric wrenchs.


is it bad for the uni if we dont use anti-sieze?? or is it just if it annoys you? cuz the reason i dont like it is cuz i tink i am wrecking my hub… if i know it isnt bad then i dont care.