What should I uprade on my torker cx

I can ride forward around the block and am learning to idle and ride backwards but many suggest I should upgrade the seat( BTW i’m 6’1’’ and 145 so tall and skinny) also I eventually want to do jumps and stuff can i get a new tire and have a good freestyle uni or should I have bought the lx or dx?

if you wanna hop, gonna have to eventually invest in a trials cycle, koxx/nimbus/kh 20. you would need to upgrade even if you had got a lx. a dx woulda been fine.

ok well it’s ok cause this was a cheap learner but what are the tricks I can learn on this uni?

just things that dont involve the wheel leaving the ground, or any kind of pounding. i would say its ok to go off curbs if you know how to properly roll out, but weighin 150 that might be pushin it.

so like wheelwalkin…gliding…stuff like that. no hopping, and i wouldnt try unispins either. just take it easy on the thing

Check out this website. It will tell you plenty.

Instead of upgrading parts on the CX I would save up and buy a complete separate unicycle. I would suggest getting something sturdy in 24 or 26" that you could use for cruising around as well as hopping etc. Save the 20 for learning the more basic freestyle tricks.