what should i say!?

i live on a street with lots of little children, and also during the parade i heard the same question over and over again, “why arn’t you wearing a helmet?” i didnt know what to say, and i still dont, so i jst ignored them and threw candy to the other side of the street. So what should I say? Its not like i needed the helmet b/c i was only riding and hopping, nothing too dangerous. :frowning:

well, some would argue that you shuold hang your head in shame and go get a helmet. I would just explain to them.

they probably think you’re fighting for your very balance at every moment when you’re riding. A lo of people seem to think this, even after I do some crazy trials line or whatever.

I’d get a helmet, most little kids have been told to wear a helmet while riding a b*ke, I don’t think there’s any reason to go against what they have been taught, or go against the law.

My helmet has only saved me once but I still wear it simply because it’s a good example for little kids + if you get a nice helmet, it looks cool and adds to your look of a serious rider.

You could tell them: “I can only afford one wheel, how could I buy a helmet” :frowning: :slight_smile: or “I don’t need to wear a helmet; the skull is great helmet, and with no brain inside you can have maximum protection; in case of an accident my teeth are safe” …sorry, I just like that line.

Let’s not start up the helmet no helmet debate, I understand you just want a comeback for the question, not a lecture on wearing a helmet.


I was recently bedecked with helmet, wrist guards, shin guards and ankle protection. I UPD while practicing turns, landed, in a roll, on my elbow, from which I stood up and remounted. I ended up with a scuff the size of a half dollar.

The adults (mind you I’m 38 years old) in the park rushed to me as if I’d been in some kind of near fatal catastrophic disaster. I think they were about to do CPR. Then they scolded me for not wearing elbow pads.

I wanted to wring the sweat out of my shin guards into their Snapples.

Life is not about unbroken skin. For adults, individuals should be able to draw the line comfort versus safety for themselves.

With kids, it is a different matter. Helmets for kids: Definitely.

I think people need to lighten up about the body-armor-for-all attitude. When it comes to adult riders, the peanut gallery of non-riders needs mind their own Ps and Qs.

That’s my schpeil on padding!


Re: what should i say!?

How about, “Why aren’t you minding your own business?”

my helmet has saved me only a few time…but i’m glad i had it on when I did

Are there any helmet laws in Rochester (or wherever your parade was)? If so, the kids may be required to wear them up to age 18. If that is the case, and you are under 18, you are arguably required to wear one too (Note use of the word “arguably,” so you don’t have to argue. I get it).

If you want to set a good example for the kids, wear one. It especially looks good on you if you’re doing Trials-type riding. I think unicyclists on Trials unicycles or MUnis look more impressive when they’re decked out with gear. Sure it’s hot, but look at what some of the other people in that parade are wearing. They don’t have a choice.

I started riding in parades 25 years ago, when helmets were un-thought of for such things. I haven’t worn one in a parade yet, but I would if I were using a Trials or MUni.

John Hooten, a very solid rider and unicycle coach, has broken his wrist in a parade. This taught him that no matter what type of riding, it’s always possible to get hurt. The same applies to any body part. He ran into another rider as they circled in opposite directions on a little bumpy spot of pavement.

In our club we have to wear helmets, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads all the time. I usually just wear a helmet for practice. One kid a couple weeks ago managed to break his wrist a few weeks ago falling off a giraffe (I don’t know how he managed that but whatever) and guess what he wasn’t wearing?

For DH muni I have KH gloves 4x4’s 2x4’s, helmet, and even bomber shorts, sure its hot but it gives you a lot more confidence.

it improves Aerodynamics too!:smiley:

A helmet, right? :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how somone can “manage” to break a wrist falling off a giraffe, you must not have fallen off them much. John Hooten’s earlier-mentioned broken wrist happened on a regular 24" unicycle. Suffice it to say that from a giraffe you tend to land harder.

What is the name of your club in Maine?

Re: padding

I agree with you a little bit. the wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. are pretty much just to protect from pain, which we can all stand if we just suck it up and deal. but a blow to the head could result in something much, much worse than pain.

Guys, it was a parade for chrissakes. He’s at no more danger than the town mayor sitting on the back trunk of the convertible with his legs dangling in the passenger compartment, or the people riding bicycles (hey, people do that in parades, too, and they don’t tend to wear helmets). Hey, the baton twirler should wear a helmet, when that thing comes down it could cause a serious head injury!

I mean, the whole conversation is just ridiculous in this context.

I wear my helmet on elevators, too. But, I just stay the H*** away from batons!!

Goggles and a mouthgaurd should suffice

Re: what should i say!?

Why weren’t you wearing a helmet? Was it because you didn’t want to? If so, say, “because I don’t want to.” Was it because you don’t have one? If so, say, “because I don’t have one.” Just tell them. Or, say nothing. Or, oink like a pig. Or, burst into tears and ride away.


wow i jst remembered that i posted this thread and wow, wasnt expecting this much response. im 13 and the law is 14 for having to wear a helmet while riding a bke. I am a lone soldier when it comes to riding my unicycle for I dont know anyone else near me to ride with, so crashing into another unicyclist isnt a problem. All i was doing in the parade was a little one foot, seat on stomach, and seat in back extended, nothing that i wasnt prepared to do or wasnt ready to do for show. Whenever i practice something new or that im uncomfortable with, i always wear my safety gear, but ive never really considered a bke helmet. I dont own the skating helmets that cover most of the head and on a unicycle, you can fall in any direction. I figured that the one i own wouldnt help me much, so i jst dont wear one. After reading all of this ive decided to get a skating helmet for practicing. Riding and doing stuff that i am very comfortable doing i still feel that it is for the most part uneeded. Yes, i could fall, but i still believe that 99% of my falling results with my feet on the ground and my unicycle 20ft away :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for all of your comments on this subject.