What should I put in my video?

I’m going to start working on a full video now, as opposed to just short videos/clips of tricks. What should i try to put in it? Ill film some trials, freestyle, street, BC, and maybe some UW.

I already have a few stuff that im not going to show till the video is done. What do you want to see in it? (nothing impossible like 360 unispin into a backwards 1 footed grind down a 30 stair handrail)

darn, thats what I was going to suggest…

well, besides that…hmm. I don’t know. just make it good.

just put in everything, every impressive move you can do and lots of wheelwalks on the ultimate wheel:D . (although I would love to see some possible ultimate wheel stuff)

you should put a clip of me in it… look at my gallery and pick some clips… (the first ones are the best and newest and get worst as you go to the end. it is cool cuz u can see my progression)

If you are making a movie of yourself then I don’t think you should put anyone else in it. Unless its a colaboration movie or something, but I think it would be really weird to just have a shot of a random person in your movie.

For tricks, maybe try a seat whip. Do alot of your tricks in combos, its way more impressive if you can do all your stuff back to back. I should be using my own advise in my BC movie but you know how that is… :sunglasses:

360 unispin into a stand up ww would be impressive. thats one thing i plan to get sometime. or even a 180 spin to stand up ww. can you 1 ft’d coast? a seat wrap while grinding? i dont know man youre really good, just put whatever.

rolling hop over a bonfire with a balloon full of gasoline hanging around your neck…

no… have a bunch of midgets hold up a 2x4, then idle on it while playing a banjo

no… hang a “driving school” sign around your neck and go for a ride in traffic. during rush hour. and get a flat tire.

no… eat a whole bar of ex-lax and see how far you can ride

darn… i just can’t make up my mind!

I like the midget one, the exlax could get interesting, just don’t use your favorite saddle, or frame, or wheel, in fact just get a jugglebug for that one.

well its raining today so i cant film…

anymore ideas?

do things in different places rather than in front of your house, I think that it creates a much better movie.

uw rolling mount

Some good combos; maybe 360 unispins, crankflips and such; whatever is visually appealling. It’s your movie, you should decide.

you should put chuck norris in your video. who knows, maybe it’ll be a part of internet pop culture in a couple of days!?!?!?! go chuck

I second that notion.

i could try one, but i dont have an actual UW i just take the frame off my uni and ride it. The last time i tried one i couldnt get it to roll in a straight line.

put unicycling in it :smiley:

sorry i had to say it

Whatever you put in it, Make sure its well edited with a decent soundtrack. Bad editing or bad music can make or break a video!

ha i havent really done much since i made this thread filming wise. I do have some stuff and the rest im going to get this week over spring break. So watch out for it.

Here are some stills (thats why there blurry) from it in anyone cares to look

6 stair jump.jpg

plate grab_0001.jpg

Jeff with nate 001_0001.jpg

Jeff with nate 018_0001.jpg

kooool lookin forward to the vid.