what should I name it?!

Im the kinda guy that names his prized possesions …and for the first time i cant think what 2 name somthing…its a coupla days till christmas and i know im getting a new unicycle…but i dont know what 2 name it…

please post any sujestions for a name they dont have 2 UNIsex names.:smiley: …haha get it uni…my jokes suck…butplease do post

Surely you need to see what it looks like when it’s ‘born’. I think if you do a search there are a few threads on what other people have called thier unis.



How can we name it, you haven’t told us anything about it. Wheel size? Type of uni? Until then, I’ll start the list with…


Name it Greg Harper.

its a 24 inch torker lx …sorry for not posting the details earlyer

any more ideas?

i think peatry or bob or if you wanna get nasty :astonished: Butchy :astonished: i like that name

i call mine unicyco!!! or u can name it after me call it GREG IRVINE! or peatry… or u can call it hot dog, pop corn, or cow… it is ur choice, i am just giveing some sweet ideas!!! good luck kid

mine is named raindrop…yea, thats it, raindrop.

kidding, i dont have a name for any of em, but if you want to name yours-if its girl call it eunice, and if its a boy (which would be wierd but w/e) call it eugene.

I named my unicycles once, but I forgot all they’re names…

Name it Lucky, Froogalo, or Gretzel

name it raspberry.

Call it Dammitt. That way, you will not be swearing during the occasional UPD, but merely calling out the beast’s name!

Dingleberry is a good name. I named mine Gregeory, but i never use the name i just say uni all the time, but her official name is Gregeory.

Yes. VERY good name. I’d pick this.

If you don’t have any other Torker LXs, how about “Torker LX?”

I know, boring.

Then how about nut-holder?

I forsee a long and successful career for any unicycle named Phil.

Even though it’s not a Koxx-One unicycle I’d still name it Koxx cause Koxx is just a cool name. In fact, I think I’ll name my UW Koxx. The possibilities for double entendre jokes is too good to pass up.

i like john foss’ idea. “Torker LX” or “Unicycle” are good names.