What Should I make in wood Shops?

The first thing that came to my mind was a unicycle storage stand or wall hanger, or even a work stand. Infinite possibilities for design and they are very useful to have around (if you own a unicycle).


I think a toolbox is a great idea. Tell your mom that you made if for her. Once she doesn’t use it, its community property.

a wooden saddle, call it the ass-splinterer

nothing ?

Don’t give away the ending! :angry:

You’ve had 65 years to see it.

I keep putting it off. :roll_eyes:

they are actually pretty good if you make them w/ a little inginuity

i have plans for a wooden unicycle!!! I just remembered, maybe you can find them online somewhere

Make a piece of furniture that would store your uni, and some tools, but that looks good enough to have in your living room. That would be pretty cool. Maybe a display case, or an armoire.

That’s a cool idea!!!

here are some pictures of a chair that I built when I was bored during a hurricane last year. there wasn’t any electricity but I had a whole bunch of left-over cedar from our deck and decided to make a chair that was big enough for me to sit on without my feet touching the ground; a throne, if you will.


edit: I didn’t even have a hacksaw at the house I was at (we were renting a house for a couple of months as our house was being remodeled) so all of the cedar posts are roughly the same length (+/- 1cm). it turned out very sturdy and stable though.

nothing else

I would just make another matching end table. 2 reasons

  1. You would already know how from the first.
  2. Beds have 2 sides.

Run it by your teacher. If not, take harper’s advice and make something nice for someone close. A nice coffee table perhaps?

ide mack some shor of thing to habg ur uni on ur wall for soumthing

id I translated this correctly do you mean

I’de make some sort of thing to hang your unicycle on your wall for something?

I went googling

Go down a ways and you will find a wooden unicycle

I like John’s trials course idea.

How about a rocking chair w/ BC wheels instead of rockers and the chair between them is the plates. :roll_eyes:

just make a mess

take all the scraps from everyone elses stuff and make em into something

thats gotten me through woodshop