What Should I make in wood Shops?

This year in wood shops we have to make an end table and another project of our choice. It has to be of “furniture quality” ie. it can’t be just some big boxes for trials. I want to make the project either uni or b*ke related. So what should i make?

A gift for your mother.

A really fancy hopping post.

make a crossbow and shoot your teacher
lol :smiley:

I made a computer desk when I was in woodshop. As far as unicycling related? Well… you use the computer for unicyclist.com right? :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also find ways to style it. Unicycle shaped support posts or something/

ultimate wheel?

BC plates?

A wooden ultimate wheel? as furniture? Yeah Right

Build either a planter box or a Picnic Table. Both of these items can easily be disguised at outdoor furniture, but with less than the push of a button, you have yourself a readymade trials object.

I second that picnictable.


bc plates made out of wood don’t work too well.

If you want to make it unicycle related then how about a unicycle?

Or if you want to make it bike related then how about a bike?

As for furniture quality, well, if you get it right you should be able to sit on either of them.

A sled.
Call it ‘Rosebud’.

by furniture quality i mean it should have routering, sanding etc.And it has to look good. A frame sounds like a good idea but how would i make the seatpost or would i make it all one peice and just bolt the seat on?

i made some kick ass pens in wood shop back in high school

make a bomb

a wood bomb

make a twisty skinny.

I dunno, you’re the one studying woodwork :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, GIYF. I’m sure this has been discussed (and done) before.

Think about a tool / equipment box to keep Uni junk in. There’s a book called The Tool Box Box Book that is awsome. It gives plans for cabinet maker’s tool box and shows how to make the box customized to whatever you may wish to put in it. Alsp has discussion of antique tool bxes, history of tool boxes etc.

Make a furniture-quality, portable, folding Trials course. You should be able to make something that includes stairs, a beam, a ramp, and one or two other things into a package that can be disassembled and folded up. Maybe with the extra pieces inside and a carrying handle. Make it a work of art!