What should I learn?

Okay, I ordered my new unicycle on Sunday so it hasn’t arrived yet.
This is the one I ordered: http://www.municycle.ca/nimbus-signature-inferno-19-trials-isis-unicycle-p-738.html

What should I learn first? I can ride forwards, idle, backwards (kinda).

I would eventually like to do trials, flatland, and maybe muni (but with a larger unicycle).

George J.

Thanks to nickjb, LanceB, Lloyd Braun, and LargeEddie for helping me chose what to get.

I think you should finish learning to ride backwards and then work on seat out riding. Also find some stairs and work on your hopping. After a while you can work on hopping seat out too. Get good at riding along the curb. Then maybe learn leg wraps and unispins. That should keep you busy for a while :smiley:

I found learning differential equations to be useful.

Thanks for the help. I’m looking forward to it coming.

Maybe basic skills; the levels.

My unicycle just came in today, so I have spent about a half hour riding it. Thanks for the help.