what should i learn?

i have been riding for a few months and i dont know what to learn next.

I can static mount, jump mount, ride forever, jump up a curb, ride backwards, and idle.(im probably forgetting something)

I’m not yet sure what kind of unicycling I want to do but I know I dont want to do distance, muni, or trials. I think that leaves freestyle, flat, and street.
Any recommendations?

Learn to ride vertically up buildings, then you would have the upper hand on everyone.

any other ideas?

i know the obvious answer is whatever you want but what did you learn when you were at this stage?

hopping in place and 1 foot (probably what you missed)

Get a Muni and you will be hooked, I promise. You will never look back.

there arent any good places to muni nearby.
and yeah i did miss hop in place but i cant 1 foot so i might try that.
are there any good tutorials for it?

Not sure about a tutorial but what I say is just pretty go for it. That’s what I did and I got like, 2 or 3 revs first try and then improved from there on. You can also try wheelwalking if you feel ready or 1 foot idling.

Try looking at the USA freestyle levels for inspiration. Some of the skills aren’t as sexy as street or trials but they give you a good base from which to learn other skills.

since you can ride backwards learn to 180. then you can 180 off curbs and stuff. thats what im trying to learn