What should I get?

I am relatively new to unicycling, i own one 20 inch unicycle and want to advance another step. I am interested in freestyle and mountain unicycling and am looking to buy a new unicycle for one of these, i would prefer a MUni that could handle some freestyle. So, with a budget of 400$ what would you recommend?

There’s no such thing as a MUni that is good for freestyle. What kind of 20" do you have already? It’s probably fine for freestyle.

For under $400, you could get one of the Nimbus MUnis, which are quite nice for the price. I would get the KH ISIS 150 mm crank upgrade too. For reference, the KH MUnis (which run around $500-600) are as good as stock gets.

cyclepro, generic unicycle, the only thing i have done to it is replace a broken pedal. And what is the benefit in getting those cranks ?

i would get a toker DX.
ive had mine for a bout a year it is really sturdy. good for muni or trials and even street. they are a very good price and u can find some on ebay.
deffinetly worth buyin one!

something like this?

The KH ISIS cranks are much less likely to bend after repeated trail abuse.

I’m not familiar with the cyclepro, but it’s probably fine for basic freestyle skills. If the seat is uncomfortable, you can always buy a replace seat, like one of the KH ones.

The Torker DX is an option too, but I would recommend the Nimbus because its parts are more compatible with the KH components, making it easier to find replacement parts and potentially upgrade.

Sorry, the cyclepro is crap for everything.

Though I admit that I learned to idle and ride backwards on it:(–it is a worthless piece of ************

no, i get that, cyclepro is just your run of the mill cheap unicycle. How did you know the seat was uncomfortable?!?

Most of the cheap unicycles have terrible seats.

so i have found two ebay auctions for the two products both with the same price.



i should get the nimbus, right?

The seat isn’t just uncomfortable, it wears through pants like no other.

That and I broke it going off a curb.

I tried some freestyle skills on a friend’s cyclepro and it was at least 10 times as hard.

The list goes on.

internet sarcasm is a dangerous thing.

What are you talking about?? :thinking:

I was serious.

i was sarcastic.

Don’t get the Nimbus on ebay. Not all Nimbuses are created equal. The one on ebay has a much weaker hub and crankset than the one I linked to above. For MUni, you should only consider ones with splined hubs, ISIS splines preferably.

use the [/sarcasm] tag

my bad, not freestyle, trail. I want something that can be used as a street unicycle, will the nimbus be able to control well just on asphalt? And what post length should i get, i’m 5’6 and growing.

If you put on a road tire like a Hookworm, it’s great on asphalt, if you leave the nobby, not so good, and it’d wear out fast.

I’ve heard 3" cruiser tires are good for urban trials, but they usually have thin sidewalls, making them bottom out easier and wobble while rolling - both fixed w/ higher air pressure, partially defeating the extra volume.

A 300 mm post might be long enough, but I’d get a 400 mm one and cut off an inch at a time until it fit.

Also, I’d upgrade to one of the more comfortable Freeride seats.

on the nimbus I’m not going to be using it purely for mountain, i will be using it a lot for cruising, would you still recommend the 150mm cranks?