What should I get???

I want to get a new uni but I don’t know what to get.I have a 26" Torker LX.
It is the first one I got .I learned on it fairly easly and now I want to start doing tricks and stuff but it is too big.I want to try a little bit of every thing.
I want one under 150$ that I can use for trials and some muni too.

you have a torker LX … i want to suggest getting another smaller LX, but you will wreck it doing trials
you won’t find a good one for under 150. try a nimbus isis 19" tho… thats your cheapest best option.

I’m not doing that much trials, just a little nothing too cerial. I want to jump stairs and do that thing where you slide down railings.


nothing too serious

you want to grind …

… you want to jump … involving stairs, you need a splined hub(a little research that you need to do yourself will explain that better than anyone here can)

sorry to inform you of this, but thats that. no way around it really if you want to advance you need a better hub and cranks, decent rim,decent frame and seat.

I have a somewhat similar problem. My dad doesn’t want to see me buy a Nimbus ISIS 19" because he thinks that I just need a fatter tire on my Torker LX 24." I tried to tell him that what I’m planning on doing involves a lot of stress and will break either the rim/hub/cranks. I also tried to tell him that getting the new ISIS will be a huge advance from my LX because it is very strong not to mention [B]MADE[B]for trials. I also told him that it has splined technology, although I’m not to sure what that means myself, and that the cranks on the Nimbus are much stronger and will have bigger opporunities for upgrades in the future due to the ISIS hub.

Anyways, what I’m trying to get at is this…

Who do you side with?

Me or my dad?

I side with you.
But my mom wont buy be a uni I hade to save up the money for my torker and I don’t get an money from my mom.I had to mow peoples lowns to earn the 120$ for mo torker.

1) This maybe true somewhat, but i don’t know if it will take the pressure like what a Nimbus ISIS 19" would take. So breaking the frame on your LX would be a definite possibility.
2) The splined hubs are found on high-end trials and mountain unicycles. These hubs are more expensive, but they are also a lot more durable. The splines (small ridges almost like teeth) on the end of the axle fit into an appropriately shaped hole in the crank. This provides more points of contact between the crank and the axle, and the force can be distributed over a greater area. On a square tapered hub there are only four points of contact. A splined hub usually also comes with an axle of greater diameter. If you intend to do trials and muni, having a splined hub is good, since these riding styles typically produce a lot of stress on the axle. Common brands of splined hubs are Kris Holm, Qu-Ax, Onza, Profile, Koxx, Torker, KH/Onza, and the new KH Moment.
3) This is very true hungry. :smiley:
4) I side with you cause even though you have a LX, a 2nd unicycle would benefit you like i do. Cause at one point i had 5 unicycles and sold 1 and gave away 1.

Well it paid off didn’t it???

Yes it did.Now I need to mow some more lawns or I can get a job.

if you get a job at in-and-out burger, would you ship me a burger? After all I am hungry.

Yes I would, but in-and-out is way across town.
How about mcdonnalds?

Well, it seems you want to do a bit of everything, but more focused on tricks, jumping, and grinds.

At first I was going to say to get a 24", but now it seems better for you to get a 19" trials unicycle.

There are cheap Torker DX unicycles on ebay. They are a bit heavy weighing in around 15 pounds, but are a beastly unicycle. If you really want something that will hold up for big drops (I personally did many 8-sets, grinds, learning trials and muni and how to land drops [8+ foot drops] smoothly, so I put my DX through one heck of an abusive time), street tricks, flatland, grinding, muni, trials, and some freestyle, and it is a cheap uni.

Another cheap option is the Qu-Ax trials. The recently went ISIS so now you are compatible with different cranks. They do use a 48-holed hub and rim, so it isnt very compatible with other hubs and rims, but if your are the type to get a uni, and keep it stock for many years, its fine. From all that I have heard, seen, read, and from my own riding experience on the Qu-Ax, it has never broke.

Then there is the Nimbus ISIS, which if you get, buy it with the KH moment cranks, which is like an extra $50. This uni is comparable to the KH in strength.

Then you have Koxx, and KH.

All of these will hold up for you very well. Torker is the exception, as if you ride it very hard, it may only last a year before you start running into some hub trouble. Its still a great uni.