What should i get?

Hey, im new to the forums and a beginner rider and im looking to buy a new uni for street/freestyle riding that is cheap and strong. Im looking at either the torker DX or the Qu-ax 20", which one should i get and is there any other unis i should look at?

thank you for any help

every1 says good things about the qu-ax. it has a splined hub so that makes it a lot better than the dx. but the dx is a good strong uni, but very heavy.
i would go for the qu-ax because of the spplined hub.

But the DX HAS a splined hub :thinking: . Jerrick says that he takes his DX over 8 footers so it must have splined cranks.

Yeah, DX is definetly splined.

I took it apart and cleaned the splines, so there’s no way the DX cant be splines. =p

Strength wise, the DX and Qu-AX are pretty equal. There isnt really a way to see which one is the stronger of the two.

The DX is a little heavy, by about a pound heavier than the Qu-Ax, but that pound makes no difference. The 2007 frame will not brake like the older frames, and is cheap.

The Qu-Ax is a tad lighter, a tad more expensive, and has a nice black/yellow color scheme.

Either way, your getting a strong uni that will hold up to a lot and a lot of abuse.

It is also true that I have done 8 foot drops with mine. There a good 100 foot wall that I might go off of. If I do, it will be on video. =p

o i didnt know that the dx was splined.
anyway im looking to buy a qu-ax hub/crank set for my uni. is it good?

Yep. Its very good. =p

Youll love it. :smiley:

Man, I hope i get the 07! Bicyclesource.us was out of stock of the DXs, so I’m hoping… :sunglasses:

Alright thanks everyone, i think im gonna get the DX because its pretty cheap on ebay.

The DX is splind but I would go with the Quax I have a Quax and its great

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