What should I get?

I want to be able to travel about 15 miles on the road and I also would like to ride on dirt trails. I dont really care what the cost is but i want to know what the best thing for me is. Can anybody please help me…?

KH 24" or 29" depending on what you want to do.

Accually here is a whole page on what you want… in all variances



A motorcycle.

You should probably get either a 29er like the KH, or a 26" MUni. For a 26" MUni, if money isn’t an issue at all, something like this one would be great, but on a more limited budget, this one or this one would be fine.

for long distance riding and MUni, I would advise the KH29 like most other’s have already said. or a 26" MUni, even though that’s a little slower. or you could buy a 26er now, and save up for a Coker later!!

About the motorcycle where something which… the large quantity is better than the unicycle of the highland mountain where I am old and thinks me is new. For me, snapshot unicycle I have. The contents of extreme unicycle are have been shown below.


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Re: What should I get?

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>I dont really care what the cost is

Then get two unicycles! Maybe a Coker and a KH24 XC but it depends on
the road and trail properties.

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