What should I get?

I’m pretty new here, just created this account a few minutes ago, and was wondering a few things about a new unicycle purchase I’m hoping to make. I’m pretty new to unicycling, just started riding down the road about 2 weeks ago, and I think I am ready for a new, name-brand unicycle. The one I learned on is some knock-off 24" which I like quite well, but I know it can’t stand to ride for too much longer. I usually ride over to my friend’s house which is about a mile or two away. I want to start some freestyle stuff and want to kee the larger wheel size for short commuting. Any ideas on where I should start?

Freestyle is usually done on a 20" wheel. But those little wheels are frustratingly slow for actually going places. If you like your 24" then maybe you should stick with that size. Nimbus II 24"? Good place to start looking anyway…

Aarons is right, a nimbus II 24 sounds like the right wheel, but the link he posted to is out of stock. Here is another slightly cheaper spot to buy it.