What should I get?

I have been unicycling for about 1 month and I have a Sun 20" unicycle. Now that I know that I want to continue unicycling I want to get something better but I dont know what would be the best option. My budget is about $500. I want to be able to do street, trials, and unispins and wheelwalk and stuff like that. What would you suggest? I have been looking at Koxx…

Well, if you’re looking at spending as little as you need for the nicest uni possible, I’d get a Nimbus ISIS Trials with Kris Holm cranks. If you’re fine with spending all $500, I’d get a Kris Holm or the Nimbus ISIS Trials with Kris Holm cranks and a carbon fiber base. If you’re not extremely crazy or have a bulky structure, then a Koxx1 will work just as well as a Kris Holm would.

I only weigh like 100lbs (im 12) and why are a lot of the koxx unis so expensive?

Because they are “stylish” w/ their wide variety of colors.

I’d get the KH, since you have the $ for it. It’s worth it IMO, arguably the best stock trials you can get.

I’d wait to get a CF seatbase until you get a lot better and bigger and break the stock one.

i heard something about the kh hub flanges or something bending… how comparable is the nimbus w/moment cranks?

Some really hard riders have bent the flanges. The Nimbus hub doesn’t cave cutouts there, so is arguably stonger.

Some say the bent flanges are from poor landings from big drops and messy pedalgrabs.

I’d still get the KH (lighter and has a wider rim). If you do manage to bend the flanges someday, you can replace the hub w/ the Nimbus.

Edit: STM has a point. You may end up prefering a different style uni. If you break parts on your Sun, there are parts that are a bit stronger, and they’re pretty cheap.

But then, if you really get into this you’ll have several unis, like the rest of us.:stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds ideal. Why would you want to lay out $500 to replace something for the sake of it? It’s not like you’re too heavy that you’re going to break it, and if you haven’t got the strength to do many tricks on it then it’ll be a great way to build up your muscles.

Besides, there are many different aspects of unicycling, and the higher the price, the more suited to just one aspect they are. So, until you’ve given trials, freestyle, hockey, muni, street, distance etc a decent go, wait and see what really takes your interest.


i know but ive started going down stairs and small drops and it looks like the cranks are slightly bent. me and my friend who im learning stuff with watched a lot of videos and stuff and we decided what we wanted to do

I know it’s not what you asked

But I would advise you to get a larger wheel.

I have been riding about a year, and was very generous buying myself unicycles.

After about 2 weeks on an old 20 cheapy, I bought a 36. I rode that only a few yards and decided I wasn’t ready yet, so I ordered a KH 24 the same day.

That proved an excellent choice. After I lowered the tire pressure to 17, from about 40 psi, it absorbed stones really well and I had a blast riding around the local trails and streets. It was a lot more fun, and even easier to ride then the 20, mostly because of it’s higher cruise speed. After about a month of that, I learned to ride the 36 in an afternoon, and it was great fun also.

Finding a good deal on a KH 20 (371 $ delivered ) in the good old AEB days, I bought one just for the hell of it.

However, at my low skill level, the KH 20 was boring. It was really only better then the 24 at tricks I couldn’t do yet. Compared to the 24 it was less fun in all ways. It sat in my living room unused for months. I did use it to learn to idle while watching tv, but that was about it, for a long time.

Once I was good at idling, the KH 20 became my favorite when I started to ride backwards and do hops. I am sure these could be learned on the 24 as well, but the 20’s low seat gives it a feeling of greater confidence, or at least not as far to fall.:slight_smile: So about half the time I ride the little KH now.

Then I bought a torker ax 29, just for the hell of it. So cheap at only 200 $ delivered free from brands cycle. You might want to consider one of those.
It is extremely light, and excellent for neighborhood riding, and light muni. It won’t handle a bashing like the KH will, but beginner riders will want to learn drops and stuff with a smaller wheel anyway. There is no reason to break the ax 29 that way.

So I think you would have the most fun, of my uni’s, on the 24 muni or the 29. They are both a blast. Then buy a good trials uni in a few months, after you have learned to idle and ride backwards on your Sun. You might want to invest in a KH street seat for the Sun. Other than a better seat, there really is no difference between the KH and Sun, as far as learning basic road riding stuff.

It’d be harder to do everything Kilian said he wants to do on a bigger wheel.

Besides, he might not even fit on a 24 yet.

ive pretty much decided to get the nimbus with 137 moments and buy a white tryall tyre also