What should I get now

I just learned to ride real nice, I can pretty far and im slowly learning how to freemount. I think I have MOST of the basics down. Now im thinking about getting a new unicycle. My current one, and the one I learned on is a 24’ Sun. I want a 20’ just beacuase I hear their easier and maybe i could do cooler stuff on it, I am just a beginner but I look forward to eventualy being able to do tricks and such on it. You guy think getting a new 20’ would be a good idea or do you just think I should stick with my current one? If I should get a new one, what kind, any suggestion would be apriciated.

thanks in advance

I vote on riding your current uni until it breaks down. Keep practicing on your 24" and saving your money. Once you’ve gotten better and have saved your money get a nice uni which will last you.

i second that motion!

thats what i did, i had a gravity uni and now im saving for the
Qu-Ax 20 inch mmy gravity uni is pretty much dead. but it lasted through 4 foot drops and stuff like that… if anyone is looking into buying a uni, get the gravity uni!!! it has lasted me along time


My current uni already had broken down. My pedals are all crappy, my seat is all scuffed and torn. I am going to keep practicing for a while but when I’m ready for a new one, what should I get? Is it nessarcary to get a “beginner” uni if I alrewady learned how to ride?

what type of unicycling are you interested in?
Do you want to do distance, freestyle, street, etc?
That should guide you in your choice of unicylce.


Nice. Although not a whole lot new form the other unofficial trailer available.

Im thinkin distance. I would also like to do some freestyle, but distance is more important

If you want to go for pure distance riding, the best you’re going to get is a coker. A good second best is a 28 or 29 inch unicycle, but most freestyle unicycles are 20", which arn’t very suitable for distance riding… Choices, choices, choices…



yea if you want distence go with the 29 but if you want freestyl 20

if you want to do some distance, do not get a 20"…i can tell you from experience that, 20" isn’t good for doing dostance…and that from only one reason…the tire is to small…
i once (3 days ago) went to school with 20"…the distance is about 10 minutes walk…and i paddle, and paddle, and paddle…and i still didn’t get to school…
so if you want to do a distance, get something bigger than 20"…althought the 20" is the best for doing tricks and so=)

Keep riding and practicing until you know what you want to go into. I started out with a 20" Sun, and worked with it for a while, hopping up and down steps and off rocks and stuff. Then once the unicycle was stopping me from progressing, I knew I definently wanted a nice trials unicycle.

Basically I’d just keep riding your beat one, and see what direction it takes you. If you find that you’re really interested in freestyle, but the unicycle is holding you back, then its time to get a nice freestyle uni.

Remember that a 24" is a great inbetween. I do all trials and street on a 24", you can ride distance not too painfully (though a 28" or coker is better), and you can do freestyle on them too. The only difference I notice is that it sometime harder to learn a new skill on the 24". For instance, I couldn’t learn seat out in front riding on the 24", but once I got it on the 20" I could easily adapt it to the 24".

Basically it all comes down to how much money you want to spend on various unicycles, and what you want to specialize in, if anything. If you do end up going the trails route (which it doesn’t seem that way from your post) make sure its strong, but besides that, you don’t need anything rediculously expensive in my opinion.

Hope this Helps

edit: Oh yeah, a really good option for you maybe to get a 28" Sun unicycle (really nice for getting around, plus cheap), and a 20" freestyle or something like a torker lx. Both of these combined can be below the price of one expensive unicycle.

if anyone is looking into buying a uni, get the gravity uni!!! it has lasted me along time


what i meant was… if you looking into bying a begginer uni get the gravity unicycle:o woops

i would say that you shouldnt buy a unicycle until you can freemount at the very least, if your uni is falling apart then only work on freemounting until you can do it everytime, also start to actualy use your uni for what you think you want to be doing so that you get a better feeling of what you might want. if you find yourself really wishing you had something that you could go faster on, then get a big wheeled uni, if you find you really want to be staying with freestyle stuff, and your uni is unridable then get a new freestyle.

hopefully that made some sence but i think that the general concensus is to wait as long as possible.

Exactly the same for me :wink: although i never knew the name of my 20" freestyle uni.

I think this quotation explains that you would have to know what you want to do with your unicycle. I quite summarize previous posts.
On a cruising unicycle (28" and more) it will be difficult to do freestyle or trial tricks. For freestyle, it would be a 20". For trial, a strong and expensive 20" or 24" if you want to be able to ride quite far (you know what you can ride with yours) and practice Muni.

Hope it can help


I’d say get an $89 28" Sun for touring (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=652) and a Torker LX for $94 (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=634.) There you go, all your needs covered for only $183 small dollars. Or you could get an amazing quality Yuni 29er for only $149 (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=601).