what should i get for Trials?

I am wanting to get a trials unicycle(might not happen any time soon).I already do trials on my Torker DX 24" but would like to go with somthing a little heavier duty and 20".I would use it for hopping,gapping,skinnies,seat out jumping,pedal grabs,wimpy street,Dont really care about huge drops,What brand of uni could i get the most for my money at around $300 or so?
I dont really know much about the differnt brands, could somone give me some advice?

I’m pretty happy with my United, though i added a KH seat, differant seatpost clamp, and differant pedals. And killed a pair of cranks. But, as long as you aren’t doing too much of drops it should be ok.

I also hear Onza’s are good, but they’re about 380 or so…

i got my kh20 the other day, and its great. after doing trials on a 24 for 6 months, it makes things heaps easier

Hey, Forrestunifreak, if you want to buy a semi-thrashed Onza wheel that you can put on your uni’s frame, you could buy mine. I’m hoping to sell the wheel for about $100-125 (USD) (it cost me about $410 total for the whole uni), although if you can give me a good reason I’ll settle for a bit less.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at onewheeler (at) gmail (dot) com. I can give you more details and pictures. Please be patient waiting for a reply, though, since I’m gonna be at CMW starting tonight until Monday.

Happy Trials.

P.S. If you don’t want my Onza, I’d warn you against getting one new. The KH’s are better deals and in my opinion, better quality. Or you could just save up for profiles. Or simply ride trials on your 24, until you ethier break it or feel like it’s completely inadquate. In my opinion a 24" muni will be more useful to you than a trials uni. Basically I think you should buy a 24" muni before a trials uni.

I hope this helps somewhat.

I think I’d pass… You posted too close to this thread:


ForrestUniFreak save up for the Profile or KH hub. I just switched over to the profile hub and it was worth the money.


I’m really not trying to con anyone, I just figure that if someone isn’t breaking the cranks on a torker DX 24", then my Onza will be plenty strong. I figure that the cheapest trials wheel on the market is a suzue with a dx-32 rim, and it’s still $184, and my Onza is far stronger then a suzue, yet far cheaper. I agree, if you’ve got the cash profiles are most definitely worth it, but then again, if you haven’t broken a torker yet, then any splined hub on the market, in any condition, will be plenty of overkill. Choose whatever you think will be strong enough.

Nor did I accuse you of doing so. Con’ing would imply that there was intent to screw someone over and I know there was none. I just thought it was funny that the two posts were close together and for me personally, if I buy something used it doesn’t have to look pretty but it must function just as good as the new product. That said, the cost of something that is not functioning as well as it would be if new would drop in value big time. But hey thats just me.

And again. I don’t think you were con’ing anyone.