What should i get as my next unicycle?

It’s a little early, ive been unicyclign for about a week and a half, but im really finding it fun. I have some crappy 150$ (canadian) norco unicycle it was one of two my local bike shop had. Now im thinking my next summer or spring i want to buy myself a new unicycle, something good that will last me. I was looking at the Onza 20’ it seemes of fair price but what else is there? Is the extra 60 bucks for the kris holm 20 inch worth it?
anyother recomendations are greatly apreciated

PS:im more interested in a trials unicycle

wow you sound exactly like me i have some crappy norco and i am intrested in both those unicycles people please respond to this for both of our sakes :sunglasses:

The truly deciding factor on the quality of a unicycle is first the hub, hubs come in four flavors, splined/unsplined, 36spokes/48spokes.

For heavy ridding your going to want a 36 spoke, splined hub, in north america there are really only two choices, Profile, and KrisHolm/Onza (Thats one choice, its the name of the hub)

Both the onza and the Kris Holm unicles, use the same hub.

The deciding diffrences between the two are, The frame, and the Rim/tyre.

The Onza uses a Onza frame, tyre and alex DX 32 Rim

The KH uses a KH frame, Rim, and Maxxis creepy crawler tire.

I don’t know about the onza tire, i’ve never used one, but I know the Maxxis on the KH is a good tire, although its rubber compound could be a little stiffer, its quite soft, and wears out more quickly because of that.

The Alex rim on the Onza is a VERY good rim, but so is the KH the KH rim is just a little wider though, so I vote KH.

The Onza frame really isn’t anything that special, steel yuni design frame. They run for about sixty bucks.

The Kh frame is Aluminum (Lighter then steel), and is a new design for the 05’ KH line. And run for about 200.

Its really your choice, the main decision is the frame, and possibly the rim. But like I said both the alex and KH are very good rims, I doubt you would even notice the diffrence. But also, which looks prettyer? And is that 60 bucks worth anistetics to you?

The KH rim is wider (as mentioned above), which helps prevent the tire from rolling over. I’ve ridden a couple trials unis with alex rims, and the difference is there and somewhat noticeable.

The frame on the KH is awesome, and is much lighter than the onza frame. Plus the crown stays away from your knees but is still flat on top.

Overall, it’s much more than an aesthetic difference. I’d reccomend the KH… I’ve got one and I love it.

Actually the tire that came with my Onza 05 is a Maxxis Creepy Crawler.

The onza trials uses a creepy crawler.