What should I do with my spare parts?

I have:
20" rim, tube, and tire (1.75"), never used.
a 70s Schwinn cottered 24" S-7 wheelset with a bad axle (but newish tire) (starting to strip where the cotter pins go, so I can’t get cranks on tight.)
and a bicycle front axle.

What should I do?
Weld cranks to the 24 and make it an ultimate wheel, then make a BC from the 20" and axle? The axle’s cheap and not very strong, but I’d just use it to learn BC.
Buying plates and spokes for the BC is probably out of my budget for now, especially if the axle won’t last long.

I get my freestyle with the 2.125 tire this Friday, so maybe I’d do better to keep the 1.75 tire to use on the freestyle?


send the parts to me and my club! hehe…

or the ultimate wheel is a good one. don’t forget to make sure of what your materials are… never try to weld aluminum with steel welding wire… heh… i made that mistake and totally melted my project… :astonished: not much of a surprise though…

bc plates can be had for very cheap, especially if you’ve got access to a welder. You’ll just need some 4" angle iron, and something to put a hole in it with. I managed to get two pieces for my bc for free, no problem.