What should I do for my next vidoe?

What do you want to see in a video? So I can improve my videos.

try 360 unispins
also pull a terry and ride through a store

alot of variation is good, not just the whole vid on one trials corce. (unless its huge I sopose) ((abit of trials corce footage is good though))

Im not sure if ive got the nurve to do that? :thinking:

go on :wink:

Ok I’ll film me doing it again in a different store lol! But this time I’m gonna have a friend running behind me and in front of me with my video cam getting nice full shots of me racing through the store and getting reaction shots too! :smiley: I think that will be way better than that “pov” shot whowing only a small part of the wheel, and me pedalling.

You should ride through it on your coker, so what if you cant make the corners and smash into stuff, it will make for good watching :smiley:

good luck on finding somebody, wonder what I’d do If I was walking around sainsbury’s and a guy/ girl on a uni rode by.

Haha I can see myself on People’s Court now, getting reamed by Judge Judy! Hey it’d be free publicity lol!:stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I could even get her to try it on her show! :roll_eyes:

It’s either a thread jack or everyone wants to see Terry in your videos.

this time you should buy somthing and go through the check out that would be awsome