What should i do as i wait for unicycle?

Well my crappy norco unicycle i got 2 weeks ago is now at the shop i got it at, and I wont see it for another 5 days. I have a question though. The problem was that the crank threads cracked off on both cranks. When i got the unicycle i asked the people if it was correctly put together because i noticed the left crank arm was on the right side and the right on the left. He responded: “No, as long as the pedals match the cranks its ok.”
is this true or should they be reversed to avoid loose pedals and damage? And if it wasnt put together properly would it be fair to ask free parts instead of having to pay for it? For some suspicious reason im paying half price, not sure if Norco decided that or the shop is paying half.

Here is the second part to my post.
I was wondering if anyone had ideas for what i should do for the next 5 days as i wait for my unicycle… i was thinking about learning to juggle 3 balls. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help.

juggling’s fun

if the cranks were on the wrong sides as you rode, it’s completely their fault, the pedals (even though they match the cranks)wil still unscrew themselves

ask for your money

Re: What should i do as i wait for unicycle?

Hmmm another idea is to juggle. Oh you beat me to it. Yes please do learn how to juggle 3 balls, its very very fun. I gurantee you will learn in those 5 days.

Like someone else said in another thread… you can try to be the funniest on this forum.

ive been working on juggling a three ball cascade for about 20 days or so and i my longest is only 32 catches. :frowning:

Learn fire twirling, it’s really fun.


bike shops seriously suck at putting together unicycles. I had a couple friends who bought a uni from a local bike shop and they reversed everything that could be reversed. So then the kids who bought it from them would take it back to them with a pedal or crank problem. It seems to me the bike shops do this on purpose because they know people are stupid. They jip you on a unicycle, then you take it back with a problem that they caused so they can jip you even more.

DAMN THEM! ill put a stop to this madness

bike shop problem

I noticed a similar problem at my local bike shop. It seems that they didn’t know which way the seat was suppose to face so people who knew better would get onto the unicycle backwards and pedal forwards (which is the unicycle’s backwards). That would loosen the pedals, rather than tightening it. When i confronted the store owner about this he was cool about it. Being the only one in town who rode a unicycle he figured i would be the one to buy his old dusty unicycles…how wrong he was I buy all my unicycles from unicycle.com, well enough with my boring life hope this bit of information helped you.

I would suggest you try surfing in the next 5 days, in my personal experience it is really easy for a unicyclist to surf, I not saying anything professional of anything but just basic surfing. if you do take my advice remember bend your back, get up, twist, and put a lot of weight on your front foot. You’ll understand when you get there…

if they reversed everything that could be reversed, then wouldn’t that mean the entire unicycle is backwards, so you can just turn it around?
ha, sorry.

anyway. learn to solve a Rubiks Cube. that’ll keep you occupied.

It’s common to get backwards parts on a unicycle, not only from a bike shop but sometimes even in the box from the manufacturer. Usually what’s in the box isn’t backward, though occasionally I think frames can be.

Bike shops do not do this on purpose. At least not if they plan on having long-term customers. Since a bike shop is a service-oriented business, they must rely on happy customers to stay a healthy business.

The problem at many bike shops is that the duty of assembling the unicycles falls to the lowliest assembler (least skilled & experienced employee) because it’s assumed to be a no-brainer.

However, this doesn’t excuse the bike shop from not inspecting their own work. If they sell it, they should know how to assemble it (even if the instructions that come, or don’t come, with the uni aren’t any help). If the wheel was backwards, and the threads you described are the ones the pedals screw into, this was the work of the bike shop for giving you a backwards unicycle.

They would know better, but since it’s basically impossible to ride a bike with the pedals on the wrong sides, they don’t realize how much damage this can do. Don’t pay for the repair.

What to do for five days? Ride your other unicycle. No other unicycle? Start saving up (for next time)! Meanwhile, maybe read? Or write articles for On One Wheel.