What should I do about my cycle.

Ok heres the situation. I have been doing street/trials alot. I want to start doing unispins like getting 360’s unispins down pat and hopefully someday 540’s. I have a junky 20" sun frame that i broke the hub on. I pretty much need a new wheel set.

Should i but just a wheelset or a freestyle unicycle? I want it to come out under 150 u.s. dollars if its possible. I don;t know what to do. Any suggestions? Kelly.

Get the splined uni from torker (cheap) or a qu-ax trial(still cheap, but more than the torker).

Both should hold up for you.


200 is a little too high.

What bout just buying a sun 20" and ungrading the saddle to like a viscount?

Learn em on your onza it will make you a stronger, better, rider. I can do 360’s and getting clos to 540’2 on my Summit and I’ll bet you thats heavier than yours.


I thought you just broke a Sun? What will a different seat do for it? You broke the hub.

My point was to learn that stuff on a trials/something with a splined hub. If you already have a trials, go with that.


The 20" Torker LX is a good freestyle unicycle for under $150USD. Although I can’t land a 360 unispin (yet), I’m sure the LX would allow me to without breaking.

I bought mine new-in-box on eBay and it came out to $97.97 after shipping/handling. Can’t beat that :sunglasses:

why would u want to buy a new freestyle unicycle if you’re getting into trials and street

and nimbus trials or monty trials would serve you pretty well, definately better hub than your sun
but, sooner or later, it’ll break and you’ll want splined

i’d save and get an onza or qu ax in the 300 buck range, otherwise, as they say, buy cheap, buy twice
and if you buy 2 MORE non-splined, they’ll prbly both break and you’ll be over 300 dollars in, and have to spend another 300 on a splined

so save and wait

i say ur best option would be to buy a torker dx 20" hers y

1: splined crank and hub, it aint the strongest out there but it si still plenty strong for what you want

2: will be able to do most things u want it to wether it be street, trials, or freestyle whatever

3: $200 0r less for the xtra $50 it is definately worth it and u will b a happy person for a long time to come

BUT if u already have a trials uni then learn unispins and stuff on that like they are doin it on universe 2

Just save up your money and buy a good uni dont go for cheap stuff its gonna break when ull get good and u go big… Id say get something rlly cheap right now and elarn u 360 unispins and do go out doing drops or stairs keep your money then get something better like a kh 20’’ or a bedford hardcore or something like that

I guess I didn’t explain well. I have a Onza that i do trials street with. But i also want a lighter unicycle just to do freestyle. Mainly gliding and unispins. Does that help any?

I know it’s cheeky to point out typos, but perhaps anyone who’s used a Viscount might think “ungrading to” is more appropriate than “upgrading to” one.:smiley:

Hehe, I guess so but what seat is better and cheap for freestyle. KH’s are too bulky. The only expensive seat i would try is a miyata but they are out of stock.

LX cheap, good freestyle


I thought about that. I also thought about this unicycle.

Any thoughts? Also if i traded the kh saddle for a different one…what should i trade it for thats good for freestyle.

I have been wanting a lighter uni too for freestyle type stuff so i am probably just going to switch the wheel back and forth with my trials. My seat is all kh but it has cutdown miyata/torker lx so its small, light and really nice for sif stuff. My frame is a bedford. So my point is if you arent looking to spend alot of money and dont mind taking frames off then just get a freestyle wheel and switch it back and forth with your onza. It wont be great for stand up ww but it will be fine for gliding, unispins and that kind of stuff.