What should I buy?

I am interested in buying a new uni and have only had torkers and flats. I want to buy a MUni or a Trials. Preferably a little of both. I am not doing like 25ft drops bit I want something that will with stand abuse of 10-15ft drops. If you could point me into a direction of some that would be great.:):smiley:

nimbus 24 muni B-)

Carbon fiber ankles? :astonished:

Nimbus or Kris Holm

15ft drops… Go qu-ax :wink: They have 48 spoke wheels!

Otherwise I’d say anything from Kris Holm and the high end nimbus stuff would do. Do you want a 24" or a 20"?

Well I’m not sure if I should get 24" or 20" wheel. I think I might get a KH.

Thanks everyone I think I might get a nimbus 20 inch wheel. Does this sound like a god one?


I think I might get this one, this would be my first trials, does it sound like a good deal?

This link didn’t work for me

if you want to do trials and muni, a 24" is probably a better choice. it depends on what sort of trials and muni you want to do, as trials such as skinny riding etc is still do-able on a 24".

muni can be fun on a 20" but you dont get as much speed so i find it can be boring :confused:

Qu-ax or KH, qu-ax’s are good for drops because of their spokes.

But KHs are just good for everything. :smiley: