what shoes do you wear?

lately when i have been unicycling my feet have been slipping of my pedals. i wear plain sneakers. i was wondering what kind of shoes you wear?

(sneakers, boots, hiking boots, etc.)

I think the problem is in your pedals, not your footwear. Upgrade to pedals with metal pins in them, they will grip anything. I have worn everything from leather soled slippers (bad) to thick rubber soled work boots (best grip I ever felt, and ankle support to boot!)

To answer your question, though, I normally wear sneakers without a heel. When I was a novice I liked having a heel because my foot wouldn’t slip all the way off forwards, and also I could lock the pedal there. But now with pinned pedals the grip is not a problem.

Absolutely. Must have pins.

But to protect my ankle bone, I like a padded hi-top. These days I wear these (mostly because they were on sale).


I wear Converse high tops and 661 Dually’s for trials and muni because they both offer ankle padding (especially to protect against the KH protrusion on my trials). I also like them because the tread isn’t over aggressive.

For Coker I have been wearing my low top running shoes more often. I don’t need the ankle protection and flat soled sneakers aren’t the best for high speed run-outs.

Regarding PINS: If you use them they will bite you. Pinned pedals go best with shin and calf protection. For freestyle there are non-pinned pedals that offer plenty of grip.

That would be terrible for riding with your hands! :astonished: Or even barefoot.
I usually freestyle with some kind of hiking boot/sneaker cross, and fairly smooth plastic pedals.

I always wear skate shoes. I used to wear vans because they have that gummy rubber stuff on the bottome but some of the designs they use for the sole makes your feet slip off very easily. Right now I wear DC’s.

Well, I guess we should ask what kind of riding you do.

I use pedals with pins for Coker, Trials, MUni, 29er XC. --No pins for basketball, freestyle (both of which I do very infrequently). My giraffe has no “pins” but metal teeth on its pedals (cheep Target pedals).

Regardless, I pretty much always wear those same shoes.

I don’t like converse hi-tops because they don’t really protect the ankle bone. No padding, just canvas fabric. The sole is a bit flimsy for me too. I know people who prefer them for freestyle (WW and such) because of the flex. You feel the uni better. (So they tell me, I don’t do much freestyle).

My bad for not clarifying.

Converse Leather Hightops have plenty of padding.

Nonsense, I ride my trials uni with metal pins barefoot all the time. It’s a little annoying at first, but you get used to it. And after you finish riding you always have a nice six or eight little dot marks on the sole of your foot. ( :
And also you ride freestyle, which generally uses plastic pedals. For almost all other kinds of riding, metal pedals with pins are the way to go.

£6 trainers from tesco. I have a habit of growing my feet so shoes don’t last long.


i always wear skate shoes

as theyr the only shoes i ever wear.