What seats this?

i was looking around youtube and i found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV15LzO0Kzc&feature=related at 9 secs does anyone know what seat that is cause it looks slim and sexy haha

Looks like a standard KH street seat. Or may he has cut some of the foam out, which is very easy to do.


Looks like a standard KH 2007 Freeride Fusion Street Saddle.

I don’t think any foam was cut out.

Nice video.


kk thnx (btw its not my video hehe wish it was!):smiley:

(btw we know felix so if you told us it was your video we would know it was not!):smiley:
EDIT: NVM different Felix I think :roll_eyes:

BTW, why would you wish that was your video? It was just a bunch of static gaps.
Also, if that was you, why would you be asking what seat it was?

haha why? why? why? why dont you stop asking questions lmao:D

Inside sources tells me it’s a Koxx Luxury Ultra Thin

I don’t believe you!:wink: