What seat is best for SIF?

Will my DX seat be ok? I feels realy thick and I’m wondering if it’s easier to ride SIF with a thinner seat and what seat is best for riding that way.
By the way, Anyone want to trade a 3.5 week old DX saddle for something thinner??

I rode somebody kh07, and the seat on that is super small. I think it’s like 45$. Going custom, and cutting your foam (inside) makes it easier to hold.

The DX seat is really thick and it makes it hard to grip for SIF. I cut about 1.5 inches off my DX seat and now it works great for SIF.

Beware though, if you cut too much foam, your ass will pay for it.

Oh yeah^^ just ake off an inch or so and take small amounts off at a time till you find what you like. Or you could hack up an old bike gel seat and slap that on there.

When I was testing out my memory foam, It compressed, and I had less than a cm of padding. I did a sixer, and that REALLY hurt. Sodimized is the good term.

I’ve got a Torker LX. The back part of the seat requires some effort to pull through my legs to get it out front. I just learned sif a while ago, so is that the problem, or does the LX have a really bad seat for sif?

Just a wide base. Nothing that is troublesome, you just gotta spread your thighs apart just a little bit more. You’ll get used to it, and not even realise you have to spread a little wider than a KH or Koxx seat.

I don’t know if I want to hack up my seat just yet…
Which is better, the KH street, Nimbus gel, or the Koxx seat.
Btw, where could I get koxx parts?

I have the Nimbus gel seat. It is very comfortable and great for SIF. I think the Viscount seats are the best for SIF but they’re not the most comfortable things out there. The Nimbus gel seat is great all around, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t much of a difference at all between the Koxx gel and the KH gel - Just the name.

I have the new kh street saddle. It is pretty good for SIF. But the downsides are I find it hard to grip the seat more near the back for sif so I have to grip it right by the seat post. And it is also very uncomfortable for riding on.

lol u’ve obviously never ridden with a viscount seat then if you find the koxx1 seat bad !

KH fusion freeride saddle rocks! :roll_eyes:

not for sif.

the weird(ish) foam design makes it quite tricky to hold at the back.

yeah i wouldnt think its any good for SIF… although for distance it looks pretty good… at least a slight twist on the existing designs

I think that either the Miyata style or Kh street saddles are good fot sif. I like the KH saddles more because they are more comfortable in my opinion.

for sif hopping especially, i like the viscount. fairly comfortable to ride on too. the best part is it’s thin and the padding kinda wraps around the edge to comfortable sif holding.

I recently got the KH Street Fusion saddle and its incredible both for SIF and just riding. You can really wrap your hand around it and its comfortable to ride on as well.

How much difference does the street saddle really make, I’ve been thinking of gettign one but will i notice a significant in trials riding, I presume its easier to get a good grip on for sif

well my odl saddle (an onza branded KH saddle) was very comfy and i thought the same as you, but i got my koxx-one red devil, and realised how thin trials/street saddles are. Baically they are really thin. About half the hight. So you can grab them much more easily.

THats basically the only difference. Look at the size of the Torker DX saddle. Thats a normal saddle. Now look at the koxx-one orange bud saddle (for example) and you will see its much much thinner.