What sadle is better? HELP!!

i am getting a new uni, and i want to do trials, but i was wondering, what is the best saddle for trials? a k1 is ANY good? or perhaps an impact?

For trials, a relatively slim saddle is important so that you can get a good grip on it. K1, Impact and KH all make slim saddles. The KH is probably the best simply because of the seatbase. It is a new design which is far stronger and nicer to hold because of the lip that runs around the bottom allowing you to curl your fingers around it. The KH saddles also have a groove down the center of the foam which makes it more comfortable to sit on as well as you can put your thumb in it when you are gripping the seat.

This is something I think can be solved within a club, or at the big meetups. a bunch of different saddles to try out. It’s tough to guess which saddle works best because words don’t alway match up with body shape.

That said dig around a bit in the search field for what you are looking for.

I own a KH Slim, and while I don’t use it for tricks or trials, I can imagine that it would probably be the best for it.

The center cutaway really fits to your thumb when you grab the saddle, it has a nicely shaped handle which fits my hand perfectly, and it extends further downward than most seats on the sides to reinforce a strong, reliable grip.

Also, as mentioned, it has a strong base. I believe you can also get a CF base for it.

Be warned, I don’t have experience with anything but distance, really, but it’s qualities seem to fit a trials rider quite nicely.

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I have a KH Fusion Freeride on my muni 24". It´s great and comfortable saddle. :sunglasses:

Agreed, slim is nice. I rock the KH occasionally for trials and it is awesome and worth every penny.

I used to ride an old school torker modded with a 1/4" GB4 stiffener plate and a 12" tube inside it. Some dislike the air saddle for trials. I thought it was a step up from the foam that comes with them. So you can always go cheap and put a tube in.