What saddle to buy with all this money?

Ok I got a tough desiscion to make.
I just got $50 from my grandmother who is visiting(aint grandma’s the best!) and i am in the market of building a muni and i want to decide between a roach cover an air pillow and a kinport bumper, or a KH/velo saddle.

  1. Does the KH seatpost fit on a Yuni fame?

  2. Which of the two Is better for MUni?


I’ve heard too many great reviews about the KH Velo seat to tell to to get the other one. Your should definatley get the KH - Its $48.

To answer the other question, from what I know, Yuni’s are 25.4mm wide… If I’m wrong there stop reading this…

Kris Holm saddles come w/o a seat post on Unicycle.com at least, and they use the traditional seat post NOT ADAPTABLE TO MIYATAS. This normally is 22.2mm. If your frame is 25.4mm, grab the Pashley seat post sizer ($10.00) which makes 22.2mm seat posts fit 24.5mm wide frames!!

-Thats all the help I can give,


Nope, Yunis are 22.2mm as far as I know. I just got a 20" Yuni freestyle and it’s 22.2.

You can get the KH saddle with yellow so it’ll go with your black and yellow Muni. (That’s what you’re making, right?)


Yup. I am thinking about getting the kh if ican find the right seatpost for it to fit.

Does anyone know of a seatpost that’ll fit both the KH saddle and a Yuni 24" frame?

I’m pretty sure it’ll take the normal seatposts like on the viscount saddles. Like this: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=271


The “YUni” frames are 25.4mm OD (outside diameter) so you need a 25.4mm seatpost CLAMP.

the YUni frames are 22.2mm ID (inside diameter) so you need a 22.2mm SEAT POST.

any standard semcycle XL, or United, or viscount seat post will fit the Kris Holm saddle. The reason they made this the seat post to be used is that this is usually the seat post that is most used, so most unicyclists will have them lying around, and also they’re adjustable fore and aft (only slightly though).

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Re: What saddle to buy with all this money?

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002 11:52:08 -0600, Catboy
<Catboy.gduqa@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>1) Does the KH seatpost fit on a Yuni fame?
Yes, it is the combination I have.
>2) Which of the two Is better for MUni?
KH seat and its handle is fine for MUni but for handles the Kinport
may be better; I’ve heard good things about Kinport but haven’t had
the opportunity to try one. I think you forgot to tell what seat you
have to do the Roach/air conversion on.

Klaas Bil

All porcupines float in water.

I am doing the air conversion on a Miyata.

i’d start loosing those bolts now then Catboy.

By that do you mean to loosen the bolts on my miyata in order tho take of the miyata junk or to loosen my seatpost to take of the miyata for the KH

get the kh, the new Miyatas are compleate crap.

i said staart loosening the bolts cause for a second i thought that you chose to go with Miyata.its to bad about Miyata,they were so good at one time.now there just a major pain.

basicly the KH is less hassle,less risk.