What saddle is this?

Would somebody be kind enough to identify my saddle for me? I want to buy a T-Bar but need to make sure it will actually fit my saddle. (It sure looks like it will, but I thought my KH36 was an 08 model)


It appears to be a Kris Holm Fusion Freeride saddle. And yes, it will fit a T7 handle.

09 KH the KH T-bar will fit perfect…

it looks like a kris holm from this angle :p. no a t-bar should fit.

yea you’ll just have to take the brake mount thing of so the KH reinforcement plate will go on soo the handel will go on :smiley:

Will be interested to see how it affects my rides, at the moment I’m getting up to 70km a day with just the normal saddle bumper to lean on.

Thanks all. T-Bar ordered :slight_smile:

70KMs that pretty cool… I sooo wish I had a coker to ride on… Theres heaps of hills round where I live