what saddle is better, KH fusion street, or freeride?

I am currently using a standard velo saddle that came with my uni, and I find it to be really uncomfortable. I can’t even sit on it without sitting on those “important parts”. I’ve tried everything and came to the conclusion that the velo saddle has too much of a curve, and causes me to slide down into the middle upon sitting, which is very uncomfortable.

I want to get into mostly riding trial, street, and doing some tricks aswell, but I need a seat that is good for that, and is comfortable to sit on without squishing anything.

The two seats i am most interested in are the Kris Holm fusion street, and freeride but im not sure which one is better for my riding, plus the comfort I am looking for.

It would be nice to hear from owners of either, or both seats oppinions, or maybe some pros and cons of each, and what one would suit me best.

I have the Kris Holm fusion street on my nimbus trials and I really like it.

yeah thats the one im thinking about getting. i just want to make sure it will be comfortable and right for what i want to use it for.

I haven’t tried the KH street yet, but I just got a freeride for my 24" muni, and this thing is kushy, fantastic. If you want to do street, trials, tricks and such, it is a little bulky though. I think it is really an awesome seat for muni, but I wouldn’t put it on my 20"

KH street is probably what you want.

yeah, and considering the fact that i most likely wont be doing much muni i think ill go for the KH street. thanks for the help!

The freeride is a comfort seat, seems lots of people use it for muni or long rides, 36ers etc, if you’re on and off your uni a lot the street is probably better, lighter and slimmer I would assume.

But you should wait until the end of the night to order anything, others will chime in I’m sure. And its not like they will ship at night…

yeah, ill wait to see if others have anything to say before i order.

I use a Street on my MUni and it is absolutely fantastic. I think that the Freeride is too cushy for me.

I think that the Street is more comfortable not because of the padding, but the shape itself. It is sort of like riding a road bike, where, after a few rides, your sitting nerves numb and it is surprisingly comfortable.

My one and only complaint is that I can’t figure out where the seat cover strings on the bottom go. It seems like that the two that cross are in a position to go straight through the seat post…

On my freeride I removed the rear bumper, then tucked the strings into it and screwed it back on.

Not those strings, the ones that cross in the middle.

Does the street have 2 sets? My freeride has one tie, right behind the seat.

No… I’ll take a picture tomorrow and post it…

EDIT: I just looked on the KH website and the Freeride doesn’t have these strings…

Alright, I’ll take a pic of mine too if i get the chance.

If you are still looking for information, I wrote a review on the street saddle here:

Thank you. That article helped me make my final decision. I am going to go with the street.