What’s important to know as a beginner?


I need help for my work about my unicycle brochure for beginners.
Short description of my work:

I’m going to the secondary school where I have to make a self-dependent work that counts for my graduation. I have 6 months time – till the 2. January. In the end I’d like to have a brochure with about 24 pages and if I find enough sponsors I’ll let it print. :wink:

My subject that I have chosen is:
How can I furnish the most important things about unicycling to a beginner with a brochure?
So now I’ve to decide which the most important things are and I’ve to make the index.

[B]What did you wanted to know as you was a beginner?

Which chapter and subjects would you make?

What should the brochure include?[/B]

Every work has to contain a survey….so it would be great if a lot of you have a share to my work.
I hope you have a lot of good ideas! Write what crosses your mind ;)!!! – Thanks for help!

PS. Your ideas will be mentioned in my work diary :wink:

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I think what Mikefule is saying is perhaps you should do some of your own thinking first, then let us make suggestions. I’d find it much easier to offer comments on your outline of what you think your brochure should include.

Also, spelling and grammar checking are highly recommended on anything you write. At least let the computer offer that much help as well…

well the different types of unicycles, and uses…

Search for DudeWithASock’s unicycling journal…that should help.

That Mr. Jenkin’s claim is really complicated?:wink:

But to be fair to the original poster:

The proper way to do this is to put something together, then ask for comments and suggestions. Or if there is a problem expressing something, or a particular problem with research, then here’s a good place to ask. The object of the exercise is to learn skills that will fit you for life. Only the most dreadful cycnic would say that getting other people to do the work for you is a skill that will fit you for life… er… :roll_eyes:

UK exams are called GCSEs and I heard them referred to the other day as “Got Caught Stealing Essays.”

oddr frogsch ganz eifach mi bi jo aafänger

Don’t forget to add a section on possible come-backs to the most common moronic statements that John Q Public will utter at you. I think you can search that, there has been a bunch of different threads on it.
And ofcourse there should be the “How to deal with the ridicule of family and freinds section too”. Try to list as many local therapists as possible.

Thanks for your comments!

Sorry…I didn’t wanted to say you should make my work :wink: (Even if it sounds like this – but it was difficult to express in English) …I’ve already thought a lot about my work and I also made an index.
So I tried translating my index: –> Addition

My ambition was, to make survey as a proof, that my brochure is made with the help of other unicyclist. So that my brochure includes this subjects which unicyclist thinks are the most important for a beginner. I hope you understand what I mean :wink: (sorry for the mistakes!)

I change my question:
Have you got any comments or suggestions?
Would you like to add something?

Ganz liebs Grüessli

Inhaltsverzeichniss English.doc (88.5 KB)

Maybe a section like “Getting started”

Warn that it takes practice, but they can master it, and that it is rewarding. Suggest bike shorts for comfortable seating, helmet and other safety items, and good places to learn. I think some comment about the size of the wheels, that smaller seems best for beginners.

bike pants… :astonished: id rather crunch my crotch than commit the social suicide of wearing bike pants. but on the topic, include something on how much to practise. most people that are learning do 15mins one day and 10 the next and wonder why their not getting anywhere. an hour a day, minimum.



Weight on the saddle, back straight, look forward. Keep it smoothe. Keep at it.

I think that about sums up all the advice you can give a beginner.

You should probably buy a unicycle, that is pretty important if you want to start riding one.

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You’re welcome. Awfully.

Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. Hecklers die hard. Clowns suck. Unicycling rocks!

It’s all worth it. :slight_smile: