What rim should I get?


I was wondering what kind of rim would be best for a 24" muni/trials. The one I have now is just a stock KH08 24 that has a decent flat spot, so I don’t know how much longer it will last.

I want something light and strong ideally, but I’d lean more towards strong than light. I don’t want to just end up trashing it again.

I was thinking maybe an Echo SL, but I’m up for suggestions.

Discuss please.


There are plenty of good rims to choose from.
-if you’re running a 48hole rim (which i doubt you are since you had a kh rim before) then a qu ax rim is uber strong…i can’t name anyone off the top of my head who has broken one.
-If you want a cheaper rim that is middle weight, has the option of 36 or 48 hole then their is the alexdx32 rim (i run this rim and have for 2 years…the 36hole) and ive been very happy with this rim. this rim definitley isnt the lightest…but it isnt the heaviest either and ive taken in off some pretty good drops without it breaking or bending.
-nimbus rims are apparently decent…36 hole and 48 hole option once again…ive heard they are very strong, but flatspot easily.
-you could always buy another kh rim :wink:
-I’ve also heard very good reviews about the sum ringle rim. ive heard it is very strong. 36 hole. not sure about the weight. however i did hear the jakob (from quebec) broke his. then again jacob spera has been running this rim and said it’s good. if you’re going to look into this rim id ask one of those guys.
-you could always go with an echo urban, echo sl or echo tr rim. i know saskatchewanian runs an echo rim (i think a 26" though) so you could ask him. definitly lighter than most of the other rims ive listed so far. not sure about 36" hole option…i think most of these only come in 32 hole…which would require a new hub unless youc an do some fancy spoke work. if you dont mind paying the extra fora new hub…might be worth it.
-There are also all the inspired rims…ive heard very good things about these rims from the bike trials community…however landing on 2 wheels and rolling out is different than landing on one…plus they only come in 32 i think.
-there is a a 24bicycles rim on tartybikes that looks decent. althogh ive heard mixed reviews. its really light and only comes in 32 hole.
-there is also the old try all rims that came on the white russian and trck monster and road monster unis. these rims are probably pretty good if you can get your hands on one.
hope this helps…all the rims i can think of for a 24"

Thanks for that. There’s a lot of options out there so it’s gonna be tough.

If I end up getting a new hub, which I want to, then I’ll probably get the Echo SL. If not I’ll get maybe a nimbus, sun ringle, or maybe alex rim.

I’m still not sure, but I’ll figure it out.

Who knows, maybe my kh rim will hang on. :roll_eyes:

The sun ringle rim is 47mm wide, it’s REALLY heavy. I can’t say much about it’s strength since mine destroyed in a little bit more than a week of riding. It must’ve been a problem with my spoke tension or the rim itself. I’m running another Sun Doublewide at the moment (I got 2 rims for $55) I can’t ride hard on it since I’m still unable to ride hard stuff due to my surgery. Jacob Spera rode his really hard, he did HUGE gaps on it and everything. All the review I read about this rim were positive except about the weight.

My 24" wheel is a 48h Nimbus ISIS hub laced to the Sun Double Wide with 32 spokes. I’m waiting for a Hookworm and I’ll be riding a 3" Gazz this winter.

The sunringle doublewide is one stud muffin of rim. Jaco^^^ so far is the only one i know of breaking the rim. Ive sent mine off of some of the biggest sets i could find and some of the biggest drops as well. I always took good care of my rim since they are tough to find. After a day of hard riding I would rotate my cranks and true the wheel. The downside of the rim i the weight. Personally i want a rim i can trust so i like to ride the beefiest rims they make and sun knows how to make some good rims.

For other choices there is the nimbus rim. Im using that right now but haven’t ridden it long enough to give it any review. There is also the Echo SL rim that Mexico stated. Then there are a few rims by the make of, “Spank.” These have lots of positive reviews from the bike world. I HIGHLY suggest getting a 32 hole hub since most 24inch rims are now drilled for 32 spokes. Its annoying trying to find a good 36 spoke rim.

Yeah 32 hole is the way to go. I really wanna 32h mad4one hub, but $200 is pretty steep. I’ll probably end up doing it though.

I found a sun double wide for 35 bucks so I might go with that. But they are heavy, so maybe the echo SL.

Let me know how that nimbus rim works out. I’m sure you’ll put it through more hell than anyone.

Invest in a mad4one hub, ive been riding with the “old” hubs and the mad4one hub is friggin light compared to most of them and its strong! “You get what you pay for.” And you are getting a HIGH quality hub.

I would purchase the doublewide for now, they are good rims and they are starting to get scarce!! Then a mad4one hub laced up to a doublewide is the same weigh as a KH rim with KH hub. So still a very light and strong combination.

But it’s a fair bit heavier for rotational weight…

I have a 19" Echo SL for trials/street. It’s held up just fine, but i’m sure i’m not pushing its limits. They certainly win the most style points in my book, though.