What really makes Kris Holm unicycles better over QX?

What really makes Kris Holm better than Qu-Ax?

I’ve read on the forums people saying that kris holms are so much better. But I had a Qu-Ax and my friend had a Kris Holm. Here is the story:

So, I have a Qu-Ax 36er and my friend has a Kris Holm 36er. I told him to just get the QX, but he insisted that the KH would be much better. Anyway, to save money I just got the QX 36er. When we got them a while back, we compared them.

After we met up on both of are unicycles, the first thing he clearly wanted to do is say why the KH was better. But he had trouble thinking about it. The frames were almost exactly the same, except the bearing clamps, which are just welded on both of them. The KH one had a disk + v brake brake mount, but the QX only had V-Brake. Admittedly, the Qu-ax weight slightly more, but not that much that it will effect at all. I think it is just the tyre that made it feel more heavy. But, the tyre is £60. Not £260 more. The saddle was slightly different, but the handles were pretty much identical, the shape was different too. I prefered the QX one than the KH.

But we both couldn’t understand why it was worth all that extra money. The frames both pretty much looked like they were made in the same factory, just painted a different colour and a different logo.

We swapped, (we both had the same size cranks) and he admitted that he wish he saved his money and got the Qu-ax. I couldn’t think of an advantage of the Kris Holm at all. Infact, while riding I couldn’t see why it was worth double.

It is bit like MTB at the moment, cube is much cheaper but just as good a specialized. In this case Qu-ax is cube and kris holm is specialized.

In my opinion I’m glad I got the Qu-ax. After this, I don’t think I will bother getting a KH unicycle, unless they drop in price or there is a genuine reason why they are better.

I have had a Qu-Ax (ISIS) unicycle for years, and have had no problems with it.

I don’t believe Qu-ax is available in the US.

According to Qu-ax website, the only dealer in the US is goudurix.com

The one I am talking about is the Lexus 36" black.

Qu-ax is a german company, which I am guessing is why they are mainly foud in european markets. This website is also slightly more expensive than unicycle.uk.com too.

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Glad you like your Qu-Ax unicycle. :slight_smile:

Did you get the Qu-Ax Luxus model (Their cheapest 36er) or the QX-series one (Which is almost as expensive as the KH)?

I’d say, with the Luxus (I have one of these), the main thing in it is weight. My Luxus 36er weighs an absolute tonne, probably not helped by the fact that it has a 48-spoke wheel. The bearing cups on the KH are machined, as opposed to pressed, and so are (presumably) stronger, as well as being able to take a Schlumpf easier, but I’m not sure how big a deal that is if you’re using the 36er for easy road-riding.

the Qu-Ax frames are quite a bit heavier, and there’s probably something to be said for their hubs too but I dunno.

Just remember, with the Luxus, you’re buying the ‘budget’ model, and so while the frame might look the same, it’ll probably weigh a bit more and be made out of a cheaper metal. But if you’ve got the fancy QX 36er, I reckon they’re a far better buy than the KH, specially as you get a Disc too, though their newer Disc hubs are a bit untested.

That dealer is in Canada not the US. Not sure how much shipping and duties would be from there to the US. That would add to the cost for a US buyer. On the plus side the US dollar is strong.

Yes, glad you like your unicycle.

I have a qu-ax luxus 36". It is ok and i have fun with it but it takes a while and some power to get the wheel spinning. Especially with shorter cranks. I think that the rotary inertia of the wheel should be compared with the KH for a fair comparison.

Furthermore, i now have a KH saddle (to fit a t-bar), a double bolted seat post clamp, a longer seat post and KH spirit cranks with different pedals. So in the end only the wheel and the frame are original :-). Next time i will probably just upgrade in one go or buy a frame and a wheel.

I’ve made a couple of purchases from Goudurix and was very happy both times. First class service, reasonable shipping, no unexpected charges or other bad surprises. The 700c uni that I do most of my road miles on has a Qu-Ax frame from a closeout sale at Goudurix.

It’s a quirk of human nature that I can ask something absurd like, “Which is better, a hug or a chocolate bar?” and nearly everyone will try to give a serious answer instead of telling me what a stupid question it is. :slight_smile: “Better” only makes sense in the context of how and when and where and why you’re going to use something.

What makes Kris Holm unicycles “better” is his consistent effort to position his company as a premium brand that can demand premium prices. There are higher and lower spec Qu-Ax unicycles. My frame is a lower-end one, steel with stamped bearing housings, perfectly serviceable for what I do with it, but you won’t see anything like that from KH. Kudos to him (actually them I suppose although I don’t really know) for actually pulling off what so many brands try to do.

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As to the thread topic, KH makes a great product, but so do other companies like Nimbus and Qu Ax. I would say that the Oracle line, QX line, and KH line are all very similar.

I get the impression that for a long time KH was the only player when it came to hard core unicycling, and that’s probably where the reputation comes from. It’s also cool to see Kris post on here (and of course Roger from UDC UK).

Kris has a very solid product, and if you look around, you’ll see that most unicycles have at least one KH component. That’s saying something. I have nothing but respect for the guy and the brand.

However, some/most people take it waaay to far when it comes to KH unicycles. Simply put, they aren’t the ‘best’. They are one of the best, but not THE best.

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One of the things I like about my KH26” is that there is no gap in the tube so no risk that if the seat post clamp comes loose the post will fall through and stop the wheel. That happened once on my Nimbus, a very sudden UPD :astonished:

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Most of the food I’ve been sent from there has been amazing - Slim Jims are my favourite! But damn, those Kisses. They were more like chocolate-flavoured taffy than actual chocolate :frowning:

But yepp, back to the topic! :smiley: I mostly agree with the rest of Killian’s post. KH Uni’s are obviously more ‘high-end’ than the Qu-Ax unis. Better materials, better-quality stuff, lighter. But when you compare them to the QX line, or the Oracles, they’re far more evenly matched. I remember holding someone’s KH 36er (You’re on this forum, you know who you are), and it had a T-bar along with all sorts of bags attached to it, with a disc brake, and it was STILL about the same weight my Qu-Ax 29er, that had nothing but a bottle+cage on it. I think I’d cry if I tried comparing the KH to my Qu-Ax 36er! :stuck_out_tongue:

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