What really happened to the other wheel...

Here is a short video I made as part of the BC Commuter Challenge video contest. I won the early bird prize with it, and it’s still in it for the final prize.

Sorry for the not so good quality, but part of the contest restriction is that I can’t upload it anywhere else, and it had to be under 50mb (plus issues with their encoder limiting which codec i was able to use).

haha that was nice;)

That was cool. Good Idea for a vid.

Edit: Oops, surfer1024 on xccrev’s comp.

That was slick. Good work.

Very clever ,both the video and riding to work.:slight_smile:

That was Great!! LOL. Congratulations and good luck with the finals.

Loved it. Good luck in the finals.


cool video I like it :wink:

Lol nice idea it was quite amusing :smiley:
You were once a 2 wheeled traitor!!!But then when 1 wheel fell off you came to the good side :wink:

Cool video, and great idea.


love your video :slight_smile: hope you win!

Great video.

Yeah, hope this wins.

thank you! thank you for making that question a bit charming and no longer annoying :slight_smile:

I will forever think of this video when asked this question…

good luck with the comp! funny vid.

I liked the way you looked more unstable on the bike than the uni!

haha cool! I have an impossible idea now :smiley:
Good luck with the competition!

Great video, Yves! Congrats on winning the first round.
For me, I was left wondering if you did those stairs or the log on the unicycle.
But thats a good sign, that you had enough story to it, that I’d want a little more.
Did they post a link to your winning entry anywhere public?
It’ll be great for the unicycle community if it makes a bit of news.

Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated!

I hadn’t been on a bike in a while :slight_smile:

It had to be under 2 minutes, so I had to cut quite a lot of things out. I had a few other ideas, but it felt too crammed for such a short clip. Maybe I’ll make a longer version one day.

As for publicity, it is shown on the main page of the BC Commuter Challenge (http://commuterchallengebc.com/), but I don’t know if it really classifies as public :). It was also shown to about 150 people at the awards ceremony, and was well received. Not sure I made any converts, but there were a few unicycle talks afterwards.