What pressure for Torker 24 LX

I have a torker lx 24" that I use for riding on streets. The tire is rated at 65, I tend to ride with the pressure at 80psi. I weigh 170 pounds.

How about the rest of you guys, your feedback?

Unicyclists often over-inflate the tire for freestyle and regular riding. With a good rim the tire can handle being over-inflated. The Torker LX has a good rim with a good hook to hold the bead of the tire. You’re not going to blow the tire off the rim by going up to 80 psi.

With a good rim it is not unreasonable to go 50% over the max recommended pressure for the tire. Some people even go higher.

When going up to higher pressures you do need to make sure that the tire is properly seated in the rim. The bead of the tire should be even all the way around the rim. If the bead isn’t even all the way around the rim you need to deflate the tire, push things around to make them even, and then reinflate.

I’ve been running mine at 45psi. I weigh 140lbs, and the lower pressure gives a little cushion for riding on the street and hopping on and off curbs.