What post for KH seat?

Just thinking ahead, what post does the KH seat fit on? I still have the post that came with my Sem Deluxe seat, would that do?


the kh seat fits viscount style seatposts,
look on the unicycle.conm website, to find out what the sem seat fits,
from what i remember of sem seats they look more like the viscount style that the miyata post,
look at the sem seatposts spec to find out what seats they are compatible with

Quote from Kris Holm in thread from May 2002 entitled, “Picture of New Velo Seat”

“Right now it’s like a Viscount- you’ve got a bit of angle adjustment by sliding the seatpost plate back and forth. So if you’ve got a Viscount (or Shwinn, Semcycle etc) seat, you’ll just take off your old seat and install the Velo on the existing post…”

Hope that helps.


My friend told me that you need a wilder bracket for it(I dont think so) but is he right?

Uh, this is the continuation of the Kris Holm post from the May 2002 thread entitled, “Picture of New Velo Seat”

“…this isn’t ideal, but will have to do for now until I can get a Wilder rails bracket made that fits the seat. Ultimately I’d like to see it come standard with a Wilder bracket, but I want to look into patenting the bracket before I do this…”

So it doesn’t look like the Wilder bracket will be necessary at first. For more info, see said thread (sorry, don’t know how to link it right now).

(As you may have gathered, I don’t actually know much about this; I am just quoting past posts:) )

Re: What post for KH seat?

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002 17:30:40 -0600, Catboy
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>My friend told me that you need a wilder bracket for it(I dont think so)
>but is he right?

I’m one of the lucky owners of the Velo KH seat. No you don’t need a
Wilder bracket, the plate has the familiar arrangement of four screws
with bolts to mount onto a standard Viscount type seat post.

Klaas Bil

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