what pedals?

what pedal should I get from here? I am looking to change my Torker LX’s to gain better grip


Here are some good platform pedals that look good to me, I don’t know if a platform pedal is what you want, but most people are probably going to tell you that you want a platform pedal so I don’t bother arguing with them cause I’m lame like that. 1 2 3 4 and my personal favourites 5.
So yeah out of the ones on Amazon that I saw there, those are the ones I would recommend, obviously the cheaper more ghetto looking ones are cheaper and more ghetto, my personal favourites there and the ones I would personaly consider buying are number five. These suit my riding riding style. Any pedal can suit your riding style, nothing is a wrong pedal, if you decide that clipless is what you want then go for it (but don’t tell the insurance company I said that).

yes I copied this from my other response

i have the silver red lines and they work fine and they dont leave as big of scares mostly bruses:D

These work great for me, the jackshits, I got them at LBS for about $40.

I think I am going to get some black bulletproof BMX ones for $22 from amazon