What pedals to get

I know this thread has been up quite a few times before but I have different requirements and wondered if anybody has any suggestions or experience in this field.

I keep bending the axles of my pedals. I have snapped a few plastic pedal cases as well. I want to keep weight and price down if I can. The only pedals I can really think of are DMR V8 pedals or possibly Odyssey Twisted Alu pedals.

Firstly, does anybody know of any better pedals?
Secondly, does anybody know what the Odyssey Alu pedals are like? I know they are cheap, and they would be light enough, but are they strong enough?

the oddesey pedals are good, but i dont think they give lots of grip… and they hurt like hell to get in your leg… but all in all, they are good… depends what kinda riding you do…

What riding are you going to be doing with them?

For trials and street (in the wet) I strongly recomend these pedals, chain gives free postage so they will end up being pretty cheap as well as very good. I have had mine for quite a while and I know a few trials biking friends who also ride and love these. Mine are holding up great and are still crazy grippy. I have done some big drops (7-8 foot) and a 10 set also I have done alot of pedal grabbing, mainly to wood but also to metal and stone. They have replaceble pins, a massive platform and are still reasnably light (I land double flips and treys with them). You will probably want to wear pads with these as they do shred shins but you wont be disapointed.

Have you broken the odyssey twisted plastic pedals? They seem to hold up pretty well for people. They have really nice grip at first. If you buy 2 pairs at a time, buy the time you have worn both down or broken a pair, you prolly wont mind buying some more.

Any good metal pedals that are light are going to be pricey.

What is ‘ww’? And I’m presuming that ‘glidg’ is gliding?
I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this post. Sorry, I’m still reasonably new to the unicycling lingo!

I just have standard cheap plastic pedals at the moment.

I have a new angle on the situation and it’s not a very good one for me. I have discovered that it is the crank arm that had twisted and not the pedal axle that has bent. This solves one problem and raises a much more expensive one!

That makes much more sense. I think more people bend cranks than pedals.
I just replaced the pedals I was using on my street/trials uni. I had some of the plastic ones that come on Torker LX, and now I have an equally cheap pair of plastic round pedals. I’m just getting used to them, but my first impression is that they are too grippy. I gave the LX pedals to my riding buddy Emlyn, and now I am jealous of his pedals :stuck_out_tongue:
My muni still has the Snafus that came on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just had a look at my cranks and they look pretty bad. They are throwing me off balance because they are so bent.

They have twisted throughout the crank. I had no idea companies could use such cheap materials. I have never bent cranks on my BMX in this way and I used to ride pretty heavy!

Any suggestions on new cotterless cranks?

oddysey twisted

odyssey twisted pedals:

I have owned two pair and I think they are good. I will buy another pair in a week. I do lots of pedal grabs and break the aluminum bars and such. I go through a set in about a month of hard riding.
see the type of riding I do on www.myspace.com/josephcampbell
honestly, I have not found a better pedal. let me know if you find some better lightweight pedals! I would love to have a set that lasts a bit longer or maybe just a bit lighter.
they are definately lightweight for the price (any lighter and we are looking to spend more on an aluminum set or spend more on a magnesium set)
manesium pins get knocked out quick if the pin is set into the magnesium. they cannot be replaced cause the pins take magnesium with it. but that happens with pedal grabs and my style.

I heard straitline pedals are good from some guys. I was thinking of trying those.


I’ve never heard of Straitline pedals. What are they like?
DMR pedals are really good. I have never broken any but I think the axles can bend (same with any pedals i suppose). Plus you can get DMR pedals as sealed or unsealed.
What are the pedals on your Myspace pics?

Well I have the same question (sort of)
So i’ll post in here instead of starting a new thread along with the 5 others
Where could i get (preferably) some yellow plastic pedals for my quax for flatland and street 2 go with the yellow hub
the dx ones that came with it and have been giving my left shin a big beating and i thought the yellow would look good anyway :wink:
I live in Sydney, Australia
Cheers guys

DMR V12s! The axles are different and can be replaced reasonably chepaly, if you really want to splash out they do titanium axles. I’ve bent my left one slightly in 5 years of muni.

can I just say that cheap corterless unicycles just do that… It’s just they are cheap cranks… and unicyclign relyes heavily on the cranks since that’s the only point of contact between the rider and the unicycle/ground… unless you want to take some of the pressure off the cranks by sitting on the seat while dropping :wink: