What pedals do you use?

title really says all, but i’m looking for a new set and i kind of want ideas…
i know a lot of ppl look for plastics nowadays, but i’m sorta old school and i’m looking for steel w/ small, yet GRIPPY pins… i have cilenskis now, but the pins have been stripped since day one. If you have them, did you have this problem?

I had the same problem with my jc trail mix pedals, I wish I would of taken out the pins on one side of the pedal when I got them, since most of them fell out from crankgrabs.

I haven’t gone back to metal pedals since.

I ride Animals, the metal ones, I have Mg1’s on my muni and axiom double jumps on my coker.

All are pretty bad ass in the grip front.

On my Animals I didn’t want all super grippy so since there are two different kinds of pins I put one type with longs and the other type with shorts, its a good combo.

i roll with s&m 101 there smooth and have good pins

I use Odyssey twisted plastics on my trials mainly because I don’t like to gear up all the time but the pedal bites are not severe. I’ll switch to something metal probably when I feel really good about my skill level. I ride crappy Wellgo pedals on my muni, dunno what model but they came stock on my Torker DX and they were really sharp and stick into my shoe well.

http://www.pointbike.de/pointracing/htm/pedale.html the B77

I roll with these

Plenty of grip, and come with an extra (longer) set of pins. They can’t strip out either

Are all the pins removable?


I have one side w/o any pins that I use to grind. Slides like a charm

I got Snafus on my trials with pins taken out on one side of the right pedal, and on my muni I’ve got Kona Jack Schitt’s… The pins really grip on those, sometimes a little too well :wink:

Skrobo, I would have thought that Cielenckis would be perfect for you…

Hey Skrobo, I’d try out the Hoffman Soulmates. They are pretty much what you are describing.

I personally use Straitlines and Twisted Plastics depending on how I’m feeling, and then the Soulmates just go on whatever unicycle I’m not riding at the moment.

I have snafus and twisted plastics on my unis. I can’t see why people want plastic pedals for trials but they are nice for people learning and attempting tricks.

The snafu pedals are OK but I bent the axle on two from doing Muni (both right hand side)

I have one pair of cilenskis I got from Evan Bryne but I have never used them. The snafu pedals are slightly lighter and have smaller pins than the cilenskis that I have but if I can bend them I am not sure how well they would stand up to your kind of abuse.

A fairly cheep pair of pedals I would not mind checking out (that seems to meet your description) is Kona Jack Shit pedals

Pedals that have set screws don’t have enough traction w/ still being able to shift my feet, like Kona Jack Shits. I prefer regular or allen screws, like JC’s.

I have both. Stock neither has enough traction for me, so I put longer screws in each.

My next pedal is going to be low profile like Kona Wah Wah’s.

definitely… if the pins hadn’t been stripped before i got them…