What part am I looking for?

Hello unicyclers,

I’ve got a KH 26 muni and on my last ride I noticed that the black piece around the bolt holding my left crank onto the frame has gone missing. This is causing the bolt to slowly come unscrewed and the crank to get loose. I need to get this part ASAP so I can go to the CO muni weekend next week (woot!) but I’m currently out of town so I can’t get a good look at my uni so I know which part to get off of unicycle.com. Can you guys advise me on which part to order? And does unicycle.com have fast enough shipping to get it by next thursday in CO?

Thanks a lot

No, it really isn’t.

In fact you don’t need it at all, it’s only function cosmetic.

But if you truly think you need to have it replaced, then search for “ISIS bolt”, and make sure to get the correct diameter.

That black piece is normally a dust cap to prevent muck from getting into the removal threads. It doesn’t serve a mechanical function. If your crank bolts are getting loose I would look at other possibilities:

  • the crank may not have been tight enough to begin with.
  • the crank was tight enough, but after a little riding it moved further onto the taper, and the crank bolt was allowed to become loose
  • The crank taper is worn, and no longer sits tight against the splines making it impossible to get it tight enough [/LIST]

    There could be other things, but that sums up the most likely suspects. As a general rule you want to install the cranks to the initial torque spec’d by the manufacturer, and then after a week or so, tighten the bolts to a lower torque to remove any play that appeared due to creeping up the taper.

  • Okay thanks for the replies. I see that I misunderstood what that piece was doing. I’ll give it a good crank and hopefully it will hold :slight_smile:

    I use threadlocker on all my crank bolts. Works fine.