what now?

I have been able to freemount my unicycle and ride it where I want under control what is next?

walking the unicycle, gliding, etc?


how should I go about doing that?

you pretty much just rock back and forth on your uni. its not that difficult. you can also try hopping.

i learnt the other day after putting off doing it for 2 months.

i got next to a fence, held it with one hand and tried to idle the unicycle while holding on. i did that for about half an hour, didnt seem like i was progressing much.

then i rode forwards, came to a stop, rode backwards half a revolution, then continued riding forwards. i did that till i could do it good. then i tried to do that but with another forward and back half revolution. i kept doing that and so on and so forth. then i juts rpacticed idling straight out. it’s not really that hard you just have to remember that you have to make the unicycle go forwards and backwards and you keep your upperbody in the same spot with it moving under you, not you moving over it.

Work on your levels